Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wasting precious lunch time

I have been quite used to eating alone to the extend that I wonder why people need to eat together? I noticed that it is quite inconvenient to do so, especially ... in a crowded food court.

Looking for a cluster of 2 or more seats is much more difficult than to look for a single seat.

When found, at least one person may need to be there to prevent others from sitting there, until someone returns with his lunch. Then, some will sit there to wait to start eating together. Or, sometimes, by the time the last person returns, the others have finished eating.

Thus, many must have felt that by "chope-ing" seats using tissue is a good solution so that none in their group need to watch over the empty seats. However, this method is controversial.

In computer science, one thing we learn is that there is a trade-off between speed and space. We can save time by using more space, or save space by using more time.

The first method above is stupid because it is a waste of time and space. The second method is better as it trade-off space for time. However, this is from the particular group of eaters stand point. From the stand point of all eaters, it is still a waste of time and space!

Thus, I propose to all, if the place is crowded, don't waste time and space trying to eat together. Just queue up, buy food, sit down and eat, and hopefully, some of you still can sit next to each other.

If really want to eat together, then don't go to a crowded place.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stand and Stop

The LTA clarifies in Today Voices yesterday:
Taxi Stands — where taxis are permitted to stop and wait for passengers, and Taxi Stops — where taxis are only permitted to stop to pick up or drop off passengers without waiting.
Anyone want to suggest better way to name them?

Friday, February 13, 2009


A strange photo for an article titled "Dedicated cycling paths".

Which is the cycling path? The one on the right according to the painted bicycle symbol on it, or the one on the left since a cyclist is riding on it? Legally, it is the right one, but practically, it seems to be the left one.

My first impression on looking at the photo is that the cycling path look like an obstacle course. How is it called a "dedicated" cycling path?
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