Saturday, March 29, 2008

A third of adult patients accepted HIV test

Many adults refusing HIV test at Singapore hospital, but 'I believe, with time and education, people will no longer opt out' of testing, Lionel Lee, executive director of Action for AIDS (AFA), was quoted as saying.

I hope so too ... . More education efforts to stress on the social correctness of getting tested, and reduce the link or correlation between having such a test and the type of lifestyle.

Hopefully very soon, to tell someone else that one has taken a HIV test suggests that one is being responsible to others, rather than an indication that one's lifestyle is questionable.

Even better, to tell someone else that one hasn't done any HIV test suggests high possibility of a high risk lifestyle.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sule Lamido explains leadership

Found this said by Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State in the article, Nigeria: Grappling With Jigawa.
Ideally, leadership is all about people. Therefore, when you want to conceal something from the people, that means there is something wrong with your style of leadership. Number two ...
Ideally, leadership is all about people. Therefore, when you want to conceal something from the people, that means there is something wrong with your style of leadership. Number two, to me, bring out all the necessary things to the public and they will further give you the confidence to comport yourself because of the Nigerian tradition over the years, and intentionally, leaders normally carry knowledge and shield it and they don't let you know the truth or hear it. The public is denied the truth about how their leaders are faring. And if people come and report anything about my government, no matter how impalatable, it is for me to reflect over why are we going wrong and then cut ourselves. The whole thing about leadership is not personal government.
I share his views. Similar, Kingship is not about having power, but is about loving and serving people. Thus, the King of Kings must be more loving and serving than all the Kings.

Also, conflicts are mistakes should not be covered up just for good image. These should be exposed, resolved, and usually lead to improvement of the whole. Then, this is not only truly good image, but also good substance.

I wish him success in practicing what he believes. It is not easy when the people around usually don't really think as he does.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Chili and pepper

Read this Judith Bowman's tip in in her book "Don't Take the Last Donut" in
We all think we know what not to do during an interview. But I'm sure you didn't know you should never add pepper to your steak ... You may add, but...
We all think we know what not to do during an interview. But I'm sure you didn't know you should never add pepper to your steak without tasting it first during a lunch interview.
Why? Human resource executives never hire anyone who seasons their food before tasting it. This signals a level of hastiness and rush to judgment.

In the context here, I would say, "Don't add chili to your food before without tasting it first." I bet most people here would fail this etiquette. However, what the hack, people here dislike etiquette.

Spending your money on others is good for you

There is this saying in Chinese, 助人为快乐之本, which roughly means the basis of happiness is generated by helping others. A research shows that money might buy happiness—when you spend on others, which makes the above more correct scientifically.

However, the first two results from surveying how do people spend their money might have the cause and effect in the other way. ... Why do I suggest so? The people who gave more to charity are probably already happy people who have or feel that their own needs are satisfied, and therefore see a part of the money they have as extra and are willing to give to charity. Of course, I don't deny that the acts probably makes them feel happier and they'll continue to do so.

The third result from an experiment, where some people were given money and also told how to spend them, specifically shows that it is the way they spend money that influence their level of happiness.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Join me to break the vault

Taking part in online contests at is

1) free,
2) convenient because it is online,
3) challenging but not impossible because you have unlimited chances to attempt to solve each one,
4) a fun way to learn new knowledge,
5) money making (for Americans) because the first one to solve will win cash or prizes ($400 already given out in the first two contests!).

In a previous contest, the winner got the answer, psittacus erithacus, with only 24 guesses while there are total of 1307 guesses from 204 contestants and only 9 clues given.

With many bloggers like me spreading this good news, they are increasing prize values even more!

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Be skeptical

Few days back I received an email claiming link between drinking cold drink after meal and cancer. Another friend did some research and responded with another email claiming the above is a myth.

Today I received another email forwarded by a friend on some claims that some hawkers melt plastic such as drinking straws or plastic container into hot oil so as to have fried crispy snacks remain crispy for hours. I didn't manage to find strong arguments that this is untrue, but ... may be that's because it was just reported in a newspaper quite recently, near end of February. Or may be it is true, but I doubt so.

I don't mind reading such emails. False information is still a piece of information. However, I mostly don't forward them to others. Especially if the article encourage one to do so.

In this information explosion era, we have to be skeptical with all these information. Not only those myth-like information, but also those myth-buster type. Take for example, in the above first case, the argument against the link between cold drink and cancer is that there isn't scientific evidence. This only say that the first claim is not based on scientific evidence. It doesn't make the claim false. Note that there are many truths that have existed, and some are still existing before any scientific evidence is discovered to support them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get listed at Atlist

Do you sometimes feel lost in the cyberspace? I bet many do. There is abundant information. Sometimes it's just too much. Already, there are many online directories that list and organize information properly. @List or Business Directory also does that. Furthermore, it stands out by also ... providing information from customers through their feedbacks and reviews of these businesses. It is also a knowledge site with many articles sharing expertise knowledge from its members.

I sense that it seems quite new, and for business owners, it might be the good time to join for free, since your business is more likely to be listed at the top when there isn't too many businesses listed in yet.

Try it out, click on this link: Organizations to experience how they have organized information into their appropriate categories, or locations. Or, take a look at businesses related to Health & Wellness.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Closing of a chapter, hopefully not yet...

It has been many months since I last saw this state:
where all earnings are paid. It means that I haven't been able to grab any opportunity from PayPerPost for more than a month :)

This may be the end of being paid to blog, after my PR was hammered down from 3 to zero in January. I hope not. Shall see.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Rights

Read an article about TNT babies, which are babies born from Filipino moms who are not allowed to get pregnant. I always do not like the arrangement of foreign maid. What happen to their families, or even their life?

When we are tired of sweeping the floor, we can get a vacuum machine to ease the job. When we are tired of hand washing clothes, we can get a washing machine to ease the job. When we are tired of washing dishes, we can get a dish washer machine to ease the job. But, ... maids are not machines.

When we need help in caring for kids, we get nanny to helpout. However, it is OK if the nanny is part time. May be the kids go to the family of the nanny, which is OK for the nanny, though not so OK for the kids. May be, the nanny comes over but go home daily. But, foreign maids can't go home daily, some not even able to afford to do so yearly.

When will the world, and societies realize clearly the importance of Family Rights? We have Human Rights for many decades. Some "Human Rights", or I call them individual rights, are destroying Family Rights. Put it technically, when will more decisions be make in alignment to system thinking.

Everyone should have come from a family, and shall have the goal of setting up his own family. Having a foreign maid to sacrifice her family life for years so that my family life can be easier is quite terrible, I think. Some may think this is a win-win arrangment, but I say this is like only looking at revenues, but not all expenses. Or, I think such is a terrible "win-win" arrangment, while better ways must exist for a better win-win.

Another real advertisement

An ad about doing good by giving food by friendchild.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Computer computes

I always feel that a very basic advantage brought by the use of computers is under utilized. Computers do calculations well, and they can easily do complicated conditional computations. Here, it was only after months of motorists slowing down and waiting before ERP gantries then the system of gradual increase and decrease of ERP charges was implemented.

I like this approach, the 15by2015 ... 15by2015 - A Campaign to Strengthen Primary Healthcare Around the World. Most administration procedures seem to remain in the pre-computer era where rules are clear and simple. Follow the link to read how a patient has to pay 7 days of hospital stay because he was fortunately not having HIV, because AIDS/HIV related donations will pay for him if he were HIV positive. This is quite typical in many administrative procedures.

I hope the number 15% is just a guideline, while it can be 17.98% or any more optimal figures since computer does not require a nice number in order to do the calculations correctly.

Furthermore, I suggest a minimum portion of such donations be used for education and prevention.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Miscommunication with N80

Before entering my camp for a medical appointment, I thought I better PIN lock my phone, which will be away for me while I'm in the camp. However, due to some mis-communications with it, I have entered wrongly the PIN three times, and still not clealy knowing the consequence, I entered wrong codes for the PUK another few times. Luckily I stopped trying before it was too late ... . According to the person, if wrong PUK for more than 5 times will require a physical change of the SIM card.

Later, from a kind mobile phone shop in Toa Payoh Centre, I learned that I need to call up my line provider for the PUK code. Rightfully, I am able to do so using the wifi/VoIP phone capability through Truphone. However, it is not possible for the 4-digit number, while I couldn't remember the 8-digit version of the number. In the end, I got home and make the call from home.

Yet, for some special reason, that wasn't successful. Then I thought of trying to do it online, which succeeded in unlocking my SIM/phone. Sigh, if I had done so using wifi on my N80, I don't need to go through all these hassles.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Out of the mainstream

Out of the mainstream doesn't necessary suggest wrongness. However, it also doesn't suggest not so.

More importantly, it suggests that the majority do not consider it normal, or correct. Thus, relatively speaking, it is not correct. So, using the phrase "out of the mainstream" may sounds not accusing, but it is ... , relatively speaking.

Absolutely speaking, wrongness or correctness of something is regardless of if it is out of the mainstream or not. E.g. the Sun was once thought to be revolving around the Earth.

Yet, statistically and evidently speaking, most out of the mainstream stuffs are wrong. This also implies that some of them are right.

Basically, being out of the mainstream, or not, doesn't imply wrongness nor correctness.

LGBT is out of the mainstream, and I say it is also wrong.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

No need to know is better

Finally, I managed to locate more details about the survey I was searching for. According to this article, Many S'poreans still ignorant about Aids, in AsiaOne.
The survey, which polled 705 people, was conducted by World Vision in conjunction with its One Life Experience (OLE) exhibition on World AIDS Day last December.
I sense that all the other media/blogs that reported the figures in this survey are mocking at us. Without any other reference point, it sounds like Singaporeans are really terrible not know AIDS/HIV that well. However, ... are we that bad? one third is quite on par with the G7 countries in their more thorough survey. Then, regarding mosquito bites, it is only us since I found this article 3 years back, Filipinos highly misinformed about AIDS: survey (I'm sorry to mention Filipinos here.)
Most Filipinos still believe HIV/AIDS can be transmitted by a mosquito bite or by sharing the food of an infected person, a government survey showed...
Besides the figures, again I want to question the ultimate motives of all these AIDS/HIV related organisations. Is their top most priority to stop the spread? Or is it to help the infected ones to live a normal life?

To stop the spread, some of those myths are good so that people can be more careful. It may not transmit throug kissing, but here, kissing is kissing, period. Practically, kissing doesn't usually stop at kissing. Also, medically, kissing with wounded openings in or near the mouth should still allow trasmission of the virus. It may not transmit through mosquito bite. However, if someone who is HIV positive but doesn't know mistakenly suspect that he/she might have been infected by a mosquito and go for a test, then that will make him/her know and be able to take proper step not to unintentionally keep spreading the virus.

In fact, I think we should not need to know so much about AIDS/HIV if we have only one sexual partner, who is our life long spouse, within marriage. Thus, from another angle, the "ignorance" might reflect the high percentage of normal people who don't practice sexual promiscuity.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Priority ~= urgent but =/= correct

I found this earlier report while trying to, but haven't succeeded yet, locate a similar and more recent one done in Singapore. Below is one particular set of key finding and my comments (in italics) on them.

World Vision’s Global AIDS Attitudes Survey

Key Finding – Policy Preferences

... • Children are the top priority for action.
–Publics everywhere are most likely to support programs that help children affected by HIV and AIDS, including children who are orphaned by AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses.

If getting HIV/AIDS is like getting a death penalty, at least the person has enjoyed some of his life. However, for children born with HIV in them, it is like getting a death penalty even before they have life!

• There are marked differences across countries in support for programs aimed at discouraging sexual promiscuity, the widespread use and availability of condoms, and increased availability of clean needles for people who need them.

This suggests different countries have different situations and priorities.

–Programs to discourage sexual promiscuity are a high priority for 39% of adults in the seven countries.

Majority didn't put them as top priority probably because this is something difficult to achieve, and may be sensitive due to "human rights" issues. However, this doesn't mean that it won't work, rather, I think this is the long term solution while the rest aren't solution, but just fighting fire.

–Americans are polarized on all three of these potential measures. One-fifth of the population feels that each should be a low priority or not a priority at in the fight to stop the spread of HIV.

US is a very multi-racial, multi-religious, and therefore, multi-opinions country.

• Raising taxes elicits a strong push back: 41% disagree (with 23%strongly disagreeing) that they would be willing to pay more fortheir government to fund HIV and AIDS-prevention, treatment, research and care programs globally.

Surely, if the rightful approach to discourage sexual promiscuity is a "human rights" issue, then the wrongful burdening of such problems on the innocent majority should be rejected.

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