Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Be straight, may not achieve, but don't give up

It is incorrect to use the above as a proof. However, "How a 'gay rights' leader became straight" is a strong example.

To me, each of us has both male and female characteristics. Within this spectrum from masculine to feminine, there could be some middle cases. Furthermore, some people might have a harder life when the levels of masculinity and femininity does not match their physical body. Just face it and live the harder life.

Some choices are just not meant for us to make.

Counting down...

tick tock tick tock... counting down.. 10 more days to the day of my hopefully last out-process...

During this last in-camp, then I have the opportunity to learn more about the work of a CSM, COS, etc.

Is it luck or what... seems like in all my army life, I have done Guard duty and COS duty for once only.

Many NS people reading this might want to throw something at me :(

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The final ICT for me

My previous unit stood down 4 years ago while I still owed 2 more ICTs. However, after the first ICT, there was a long drag till now the second and final ICT I have to go.

That's not all, the worst news is that this ICT seems is not what we were told previously to be a more relax one, but trainings are 90% similar to the previous one. That training is the toughest of all training for Pioneers. Furthermore, this will be the third time I am going through it!!!

Anyway, I am looking forward to the day when I will out-process from my last ICT!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Marriage is more important than a business

Saw an Google ads just now on SaveMyMarriageToday.

I would propose all to be more proactive. Instead of asking do I need such services now, or just brush aside by thinking that my situation is not that bad, lets constantly improve the situation.

I am building my marriage. Just like successful people don't consider themselves succeeded and keep building a bigger business empire.

There seem to have lots of resources, which I think is also beneficial to people who wants to build a merrier marriage.

Monday, September 10, 2007

My first incoming money!

My PayPerPost venture is working! The first two payments have been made into my paypal! More are lining up behind! This is fun!
If this inspire you and you wanna join, please consider going through me :) There is a sign-up form on the left.

The world is getting smaller

As technology advances, the world is getting smaller. Very cheap internet phone card is an example. However, there is some lacking in some other calling cards that I have used before. For example, I need to figure out the cheaper ones from many. Then I need to be aware of the hidden and different ways of rate computations. I guess for many people, they just have to suffer some additional expenses by avoiding all these brain cells killing process :(

Nonetheless, have hope now:

Take note of this: Pingo gives US$5 just for signing up.

And lucky you! Just because you are my reader, you are offered another $3 discount!!

This is how: Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo.

Therefore, receive $25 phone card for just $17, i.e. you will get $8 in FREE Calls!

What else?

Pingo is global: over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month.

Pingo has NO hidden fees, NO surprises.

Calling cards are virtual.

Rates are amazing low: Oh wait... almost every business says theirs the cheapest. Here, they explain how and why: Pingo’s RateWatcher™ saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate.

What's more?

It is not only for individuals. They have Business & Family Plan. What I like best is the easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings they offer.

There is also their refer-a friend affiliate program.

To find out more reasons to use Pingo's prepaid calling cards, check out at Why Pingo?

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Married people, you are not free.

This is the first time I come across this: "no-fault" divorce laws.

I think it is contradictory to the marriage vows.

One says no matter what, be together. The other says, no need reason, just follow "free" will.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I received a vote!

Hey, this blog has just received a vote in the PayPerPost!

I am happy :)

When they love to learn, they'll learn.

I like this phrase: When they love to learn, they'll learn. I found it at the SCORE! Educational Centers website that have Innovative Tutoring programs.

I had been a tutor for many years since my high school time. After a bad experience tutoring lower secondary levels (age 13-14), I only choose higher level students. Teaching and tutoring is easy, when students want to learn.

I wasn't good in motivating students, which I thought it is the parents' responsibility. However, most parents do not know how to do that. Making things worse, sometimes teachers and classroom environment de-motivate students from learning.

In a couple of months, I will be a father. Then, in a couple of years, children education will be my major concern as a father rather than as a tutor. I will surely be very interested to what SCORE! is offering. As my blog title put it, back2nature. Children naturally loves to play and have fun, and in doing so, they learn. Thus, the play and fun elements are fundamentally necessary in good education systems.

This Post Sponsored by SCORE!

Did the shop boy cheated or earned the money?

Another of my answer chosen as the best by the asker:

Asked by ashishv_patel
Three friend deside to give a one presant to common friends so they had puchase one item by 75 $ by contribution of 25 $ but shopkipper deside to give a discount for 5$ so shop boy gone for to return 5$,in between shop boy had think to take 2 $ from 5$ at last he give only 3$ to that three friends & they had distribute 1$ each
now costing of presant is
3 friend * 24 $ = 72 $
shop boy had taken + 2 $
72 + 2 = 74
but actualy frist they had expence 75 $ - 74 $
so where is 1 $ ? ? ? ? ?????????????
Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
A variant of another version where hotel room rate at $10.

Lets try the accounting method:
Balance sheet for the 3 friends:
Debit: $25 * 3 = $75 to buy the present
Credit: $3 from the shop boy
Balance: spent $72
Asset: the present that costs them $72

Balance sheet for the shop:
Credit: $75 revenue
Debit: $5 discount
Balance: $70
Asset: less a product that sold at $70

Balance sheet for the shop boy:
Credit: $5 from shopkeeper
Debit: $3 discount to that 3 friends
Balance: $2

Thus, cheated $2 from the shopkeeper and that 3 friends... errr, or did he earned it?

How to control?

Is the era of controlling by power passing away?

When somebody suggests in a blog, and leave it up to readers to consider appearing at a stated place, date and time, and in a specific attire, how could it be stopped or avoided?
These people have a certain point of view to make, but others who don't know about this may also just happens to be there in matching attire.

Is this considered an organized event?
How could this be managed?

I doubt it can be tackled by any forms of power. There is a great need to build trust through true love, i.e. practice and demonstrate living for the greater good lifestyle.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Enjoy life more, especially at home

Although I'm currently among the majority who live in HDB flats in Singapore, a small island nation, still I need to have big dreams! Having a landed property is a basic dream, and it must be homely and comfortable. Adding a conservatory, i.e. attaching a greenhouse to it, is a good idea. Take a look at various Conservatories by a renowned Home improvements company amongst UK homeowners.

I can grow plants in it, enjoy the sunlight but at a comfortable temperature, and have good family time with my family and friends. At the moment, I am enjoying some sun every morning in my kitchen while having my breakfast. Not too bad, huh?

This Post Sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Three ugly sisters

In an article, Ann Widdecombe said "We have to take on the three ugly sisters: the rights culture, the compensation culture and political correctness."

Hey I like this! I am sure there are many who think so. Wonder how may we join force to take on these ugly sisters and many more.

The rights culture = selfishness, because of my rights, it is OK even if all the rest gotta suffer.
The political correctness = selfishness, because I need to remain in position to do more good things in the "future" [and to earn a good living] it is excusable to say wrong things at the moment, where this moment = the whole term in office.
I am not familiar with the compensation culture, which I am glad that my government is still striving hard to avoid.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My third money earning post approved!

Hooray! 3 approved posts so far! 1 pending. More to come!
It is so easy! This will be the most money I am earning through the Internet.
I'll not mentioned about the subsequent approval, but more on the actual money into pocket :)
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