Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Bicycle Commuting - Some experiences can't be shared

There are lots of experience sharing by cyclists who have been "saved" by the helmets. I believe there are also many cyclists who don't wear helmet hadn't experienced any events where a helmet could have saved them. However, virtually none of the latter would want to share that, even touching woods with as much skin as one could. Also, sharing such is not helpful. Thus, this is not a helpful post :P

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Bicycle Commuting - Diagonal Pedestrian Crossing?

The junction between Balmoral/Anderson/Stevens road is one of the many uniquely Singapore junctions. There is no pedestrian crossing across Stevens on the west side, probably because most cars from Balmoral Road waiting at the junction will be turning right into Stevens Rd. Furthermore, there are two long periods for cars travelling straight along Stevens Road and those that are making right turn into either Balmoral or Anderson roads. All these lead to long wait for most pedestrians, and it is quite common for many to cross this junction diagonally. Currently, doing so is illegal, but I think quite safe because of the followings:
  • The time allowance for the two right turns for cars along Stevens Road into Balmoral and Anderson roads is sufficiently long.
  • The right turn from Stevens Road into Anderson Road is not at the junction, but some distance from the junction, giving a wide space between the outer curves of the two right turn paths.
  • Although the junction is not small, but the diagonal distance between the two corners (north and south) are not too far.
 (on 20140325)

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