Friday, December 20, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - a walkway across the Green Corridor

A new walk path was built joining Biomedical Clove to 79 Commonwealth Dr car park allowing those working in Biopolis to walk over to Tanglin Halt market for food. It also allows me easier passage across the Green Corridor. Less bumpy for the bike, and avoid the narrow curvy Portsdown road with speeding cars. (20 Dec 2013)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - a new way to come down from Mt Faber

Being lazy to ride down towards west when I am heading somewhere on the East, so I explored another way to come down from Mt Faber.

Quite a number of flights of stairs to walk. (15 Dec 2013)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - a patient taxi driver

The patient taxi driver got honked at by the impatient driver behind. (13122013)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - What's the rush?

The driver saw me, and just because my bicycle can't cause harm to him, he just ignore me, the stop sign, and continue turning his car out. Sigh... a big eat small world. (11122013)

Friday, December 6, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - a quiet road "destroyed" by this sports car driver

Supposed to be a quiet and safe road, but this driver turned it into a race track! Sigh...
(5 Dec 2013)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Bicycle Commute - Almost kenna fined

Finally I met him. I noticed many push their bicycles across this bridge and I kinda expected this encounter. I suspect this person is deployed here to catch/warn cyclist on the LTA S$1000 fine rule of riding on a wheelchair friendly bridge. So, I took the opportunity to ask him about the rationale of the heavy fine, and I think he has no idea. (5 Dec 2013)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Bicycle Commute - was it me?

Along Causcaden Road this morning a taxi honked angrily at a car. I wondered could it be me that the car that wanted to make a left turn was not fully in the left turning lane? This led the taxi driver behind to think that he could move ahead to make the left turn, until the car driver signaled left, and the taxi driver switch on head light, attempted to squeeze through but failed, and honked angrily at the car driver. (4 Dec 2013)

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - does honking make an illegal act legal?

In a recent case (the Vivo case) where a cyclist rode on the lane markings of the right turn lane, many argued that he should have ridden on the right turn lane instead. I reasoned that he might have had some bad experiences before when ridding in the lane. A likely scenario is that some cars could have overtook him from the left and cut in dangerously. Last Thursday evening I experienced this! 

In his rush to make the turn before the lights turn from green to red, this NUS internal shuttle bus driver overtook me from the left, made the right turn in between the left turning and right turning lanes, and think that a short horn gave him the legal rights to do this! (14 Nov 2013)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - in long sleeves and pants

Is Singapore too hot for bicycle commuting? Not really, especially in the morning before 8:30 a.m. (5 Nov 2013)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - USB rechargeable rear lights

Recently decided to switch to USB rechargeable lights as this would remove the worry of battery running out and keeping enough but not over stocks at home. However, the rear light failed to work properly after a couple of days.

The light will either dimmed or off after awhile without any triggering event.

Meddled with it for another two weeks and identified the issue that a connection on the circuit board is broken. By clamping a small wire on the board, I have, at least temporarily, solved the problem. It has been working for half a day, though only a short ride to buy dinner during this time.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - worry for them

These two whom I believed are from PRC ridding bikes with no rear lights at night, and moving off abreast but the man on the outside right wobble outwards and kenna honked at. The driver must have prepared for that. Instead of drive slower and wait a very short while that won't lengthen his travel time, especially when three of us are at the junction, he/she preferred to honk at the opportunity to do so. Hmmm.. (30 Oct 2013)

Friday, November 8, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - will I be stomped?

Saw a guy in a taxi using phone to take a picture of me. I had a shock. Was I being stomped? I hope not.

After watching the clip I think more likely he is a tourist and was just snapping the new Zhongshan Park or building/mall/hotel behind me. (1 Nov 2013)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Foreigners not pleased about our traffic light system

At the Junction of Cluny and Napier road, two people, whom I guess are tourist from Hong Kong, were commenting on our traffic light system. Not happy about it though, expressing some confusions. (1 Nov 2013)

My Bicycle Commuting - Want to get giddy?

Try watching the video captured by my phone at the rear that had dropped out while ridding.

Thanks for a ~2cm "step/kerb" on the road, the phone came out of the bag and dangling as I continued ridding for another 10+ minutes before I checked. (30 Oct 2013)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Should be able to estimate the speed from video

I think the car highlighted in the video is speeding. Checking the time stamp of the frames and knowledge of the lane markings spacing, I think should be able to estimate the speeds of the cars. (30 Oct 2013)

Monday, November 4, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - On safety and convenience

In some recent discussions, I realized that some people see bicycle users conveniently change roles between vehicle and pedestrians as an issue. They also feel that it is unfair. How is it that cyclist conveniently change roles between vehicle and pedestrians an issue? How is unfair an issue?

Yes, I agree the danger in sudden changing without checking, etc. and these are safety issues that needs to be tackled. However, we should target the unsafe mindsets and behaviors, not everything. The ability to conveniently change roles and doing so in a safe way should not be the issue.

In some cases, yes it is for convenience, in some cases it is actually for safety. Basically these two objectives shape the way cyclists behave. However, I believe for most mature enough bicycle users, safety is always the underlying first prerequisite before trying to be more convenience. Many seemingly dangerous behaviors of bicycle users are actually a safer way, if not the safest, and usually the safest + most convenient + most not disturbing to others all balanced, compared to alternatives, which were usually not thought of whenever many are commenting on such behaviors.

In fact this is human nature. Reflecting upon it, I believe everyone, of course including all motorists, are sacrificing some safety for convenience all the time. Just that motorists are much more restricted by equipment, laws, rules and enforcement to not able to have much convenience gained.

To motorists who want to but very restricted to do likewise, it seems unfair. However, please consider the number killed by bicycle users and those by motorists. Consider the killing potential of motorized vehicles and bicycles. Consider the fact (I once read somewhere) that traffic rules existence was created by too many fatal accidents involving motorized vehicles.

Thus, indeed, bicycle is always sidelined because too little people understand bicycle as a commuting device. People have forgotten that motorized vehicles are what makes the roads dangerous, not the pedestrians, bicycle users, horse carriages, etc., which have been around many decades and centuries before motorized vehicles, which gave rise to road traffic rules/laws that weren't needed for centuries. Until the day when bicycle usage caused 1% or even 0.1% of fatalities caused by motorized vehicles, please just let bicycle users do the safe and convenient acts.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Good driving skill?

This driver has good skill to spring out and turn into his proper lane just split second before a bus driving pass on a down slope.

This is also the junction where I encountered a driver who had issue with me. That driver position the car at the middle of the lane but turn out on to the 2nd lane (from the right) and then "swung" back on to the 3rd lane, which I find it awkward. Here you can see that both cars positioned themselves at the middle of the road opening and made their turns into the 1st and 2nd lane respectively. (29 Oct 2013)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Right turn signal spoiled or hand broken?

Why so impatient want to filter at that point, just a second before green. Didn't give signal. Watch longer, he just doesn't want to give signal on the next right turn! (24 Oct 2013)

Friday, November 1, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Our weather is so nice

Seems like some don't find the weather here not conducive for cycling to work. He didn't ride before the sun comes out. Not only that, he was wearing office attire while cycling to work. Not the normal attire we locals wear, but in suit.

Actually, I think his speed and suit can help him minimize perspiration, and I guess his travel distance is short. (28 Oct 2013)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - The lady I saw the other day?

Looks like the lady bicycle commuter I saw the other day. Her helmet was slanting but not obvious from the video. (25 Oct 2013)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - SBS bus captains are nice

Recently have good experience along Commonwealth Avenue where almost all SBS bus captains changed lane completely to overtake me, and for those who did not, they patiently drove behind me with a good distance away. (28 Oct 2013)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Isn't there a better pickup point?

Along Dunearn Road at the bus stop outside Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School, a car wanted to stop but tried to overtake and last moment stopped after the car in front moved off, blocking a lane of the road. What's the difference stopping here and further into the bus stop? Again, being legal is more important than being safe? (22 Oct 2013)

Monday, October 28, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Roads in Toa Payoh

After reading the report saying that Toa Payoh is among one of the town to be made a cycling town, I went for a ride covering most roads in Toa Payoh, tracked and videoed, both front and rear, but front phone battery low thus missing the later part. (Long video but can view double speed using YouTube html5 trial.)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Dangerous crossing, but why? (2)

Captured another clip at this long waiting junction between Chancery Lane and Dunearn Road, little left turning cars, but missed the green man light. I suggest extending the green man light for a much longer period since there is no simultaneous right turning cars, and few left turning cars. (24 Oct 2013)

My Bicycle Commuting - Dangerous crossing, but why?

An elderly with a teen pillion rode across this junction when, I guess, red man is on since it was already 40s after red light for my direction. Of course, this is a dangerous act. However, what's the reason?

This is the junction between Chancery Lane and Dunearn Road. Note that this junction stops for 2 minutes before green, but I think only about 30 s for pedestrian crossings. Also note that not too many cars turned into Chancery Lane. Thus, why is it that pedestrians cannot cross for 90 s plus when it is relatively safe to cross, and if missed the 30 s, need to wait for 90 s plus the time until the next green man?

I think the current settings and environment is dangerous as it is inducive for people to take risks. (22 Oct 2013)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - A short quiet tracked unused but maintained

This few blocks in Dover have been under SERS but now some of them rented out to students and others. There is this small park besides AYE opposite NUH/NUS-SOM. At the moment, I think no body is using them. Nevertheless, I find them being well maintained.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - My bicycle was "lost"

Today when I got to the MD11 carpark I was shocked to see my bicycle wasn't there!
I used to park my bicycle in one of the three racks on the left in the photo. There are now four bicycles there, and one on the pipe protecting frame. There is actually another few bicycles in this car park at other pipe protecting frames.

Seems like bicycle commuting is getting more popular, especially recently there are issues on crowded free shuttle bus in NUS and traffic jam along North Buona Vista Road.

Oh, what happened to my bicycle? As I don't lock it to the frame, some of these bicycle users deemed it is alright to move my bicycle to another spot, besides the wall. I don't think this is appropriate, especially with the wheelchair logo on the floor.

Thus, upon returning from my bike to lunch trip, I found this special design bike racks area:

However, this place is semi sheltered. Thus, I still need to seek for a better place. I wonder would the DSO staff car park has bicycle parking facility?

Here is the tour of the car park and a quick hunt for the above parking place. (21 Oct 2013)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Sudden left turn

A car waiting at a traffic light next to Square 2 along Irrawaddy Road made a sudden left turn into the slip road, just seconds before the light turn green. Such act seems to be legal, is it? Lucky I was a few seconds behind his turn otherwise I would have flew. With more and more blur drivers around, must learn not to pass by cars on the left, especially when going down slope where speed is usually high. 
(21 Oct 2013)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - A driver on handphone

While waiting for the light at the junction of Holland Road and Avenue, I saw a lady driver talking on her handphone on her right hand while turning right into Holland Avenue. Too bad video quality is poor and I made the mistake turning the camera where headlights of other cars blind the picture. When will CSI technology become available at home?
Photo quality also poor. (21 Oct 2013)

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - ride with the horses

This is one of my favourite routes because can see the beauty of horses and at times like this case, more beauties. (18 Oct 2013)

Edit: oops, forgot to share the location. This is along Jalan Mashhor.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Three incidents in a trip.

First, a man running across pedestrian crossing at One-north Gateway towards Dover Close East.

Second, a car stopped in a yellow box at Commonwealth Crescent and Drive junction.

Third, a car U-turn along Ah Hood Road. (17 Oct 2013)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Yet another route discovered!

I have already found multiple routes between Toa Payoh and NUH. Yet, I just discovered another one! A ~5 steps stair case (see video from 2:12 and 6:25) joining Nassim Road and Fernhill Road, and some uneven pavement along Stevens Road. (17 Oct 2013)

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Rendezvous with a Brompton

Saw him along Holland Road, he turned into Cluny Road which I should have but forgotten to. Anyway, I made the turn after the turning vehicles passed by. To my surprised, I caught up with him at Nassim Road junction. Does Brompton have a higher gear ratio than Tern Link C7? He seems to have a lower cadence along Holland Road than me. (14 Oct 2013)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - What's this driver's intention?

The driver almost overtook me, and then signaled left when already on my left. On not able to turn, left signal was off for a second, and then signaled right. Eventually stopped at the red traffic light. (16 Oct 2013)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Overtaken from the left

By ridding on the lane, which is the more correct way, drivers would be tempted to overtake me from the left.

I suspect this could be a reason why the cyclist in this video chose to ride on the lane markings.

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Almost got doored

Getting doored should not be common in Singapore because we have wide lanes and very few places for road side parking. Still, just had a close case a few days ago.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Three foldies

I bought another folding bicycle in March this year, which is the third one. Let me put down some words about the three bicycles.

1) A Raleigh 20" bought from Amazon UK during a 3 week stint there in Jun 2009 at £147.99. Used it for my commute there riding around The Drop Inn Hotel @ Wilmslow Road, Manchester. I can't say much about this bike as I only rode it during my stay there, and [accidently] sold it on ebay to someone in Singapore.

2) A Polygon Urbano 3.0 bought last year to actually try out bicycle commute using folding bicycle. I like its lower price yet comes with rear rack and fenders.

3) A Tern Link C7 bought in March this year so that whole family can go further out for a ride together. Indeed, from Toa Payoh, we have ridden to Bishan Park numerous times and ECP twice. Five year old son is not cycling yet, just using his balancing bike.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting: "Fatal" accident

Heard something dropped this morning. Realized this rear light was missing. Went back and found these. Arhh.. just realized I didn't recover the most important part :P

Victim missing vital organs

My Bicycle Commuting - Stuck in the rain and "Waterproofing"

Last night I was stuck in the rain not once but twice on my trip home. Didn't know it was raining until I came up from my basement office. Checked the rain radar map, and somehow think it is better to go east then north. Got into storming rain in Science Park area. Waited for awhile and when rain became light, decided to go north first. I think the decision was right as the rain was quite light all the way until I came out from Commonwealth Dr on to Queensway where it was raining cats and dogs. The rain radar map didn't indicate the area is raining but it was :( Waited for 10 minutes and the rain stopped almost instantly.

Below shows how a plastic bag is used to cover and "waterproof" the front bag with the help of a bamboo clothe peg.

My Bicycle Commuting - a short forest-like route

This was an interesting find when I explored going from Camp road to Dempsey side a few months ago. I rode this route again last Friday.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - a lady trying out

Two days ago I saw her riding slowly and carefully, on the double yellow lines near the left kerb. Also with a haversack on her back, in tropical Singapore. I got the feeling that she is new and likely trying out bicycle commuting to her work place.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My bicycle commuting - A lady smiled at me

Starting this new series where I aim to record down anything related to my bicycle commuting.

This first one is also a first time encounter since I started bicycle commuting in 1996.

Today, on the traffic light island at the Queensway and Commonwealth Avenue, as I stopped beside the traffic light post for support to avoid the need to land my leg on the ground, just behind a Caucasian lady, she turned and smiled at me.
The lady waiting at the traffic light island.

Crossing over.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - barking dogs

This is in reference to the article "Cyclist chased by pack of dogs at Bukit Brown" on June 2, 2013 home section of the Sunday Times.

 I am not a dog lover, and am quite against keeping pets. I just find the article too bias against dogs, and will very likely lead to the deaths of these innocent dogs. The road mentioned is a dead end road which most will not ride into. I rode that route accidentally one Sunday evening last Oct, and was also barked at by the dogs, who came crowded around me, but that's all. Nothing much to worry about.

I am also not an expert in dealing with stray dogs, but from my experiences with dogs while cycling, including those huge ones in industrial areas, and such "stray" or I prefer natural dogs in the wild, I would like to share what I understand.

Basically, I think dogs will bark at intruders, especially those that they detected only at close distance, and their intention is to make a stand telling the intruders that the place is their territory. Thus, this is what I do, and would advise others:
a) Don't ride silently in dogs areas. Have some music on speakers so that dogs will not be shocked by you, are more prepared to expect something approaching them, and have more time to access what is approaching.
b) When barked at, don't assume they are going to attack. Just continue at same or slower speed.
c) If approached, I think their intention is just to sniff your smell.
d) Soon, you will be further away from them and they will go back to their life.

The above is my amateur understandings and methods which have worked for me couple of times.. Please do check with dogs or wild life experts on dealing with them.

I hope the peaceful life of these dogs and the residents there will not be terminated by the above news article.

But too late.. heard that the AVA people had already been to Bukit Brown :(

Monday, May 27, 2013

Roller wheel(s)

Brief comments on some existing designs for attaching a third wheel to a side-folded folding bicycle for easy rolling.

a) Adding a hinged or pivoted leg with a wheel at the end, allowing it to be lowered when folded and raised when riding. E.g. early model of Dahon folding bicycle.


Does not affect the seatpost adjustment.
Easy maneuvering.


Only on folding bicycles that come with it.

Significant extra weight.

Hinge and pivot performance tends to deteriorate.

Need to lower and raise the leg when folded and unfolded.

b) Replacing the seatpost with one that has another tube at the lowerend with a wheel fixed at the bottom. E.g. JSK Folded Bike Moving Caster Seatpost.


Does not affect the seatpost adjustment.

Can be implemented on different folding bicycles

Does not need extra tasks to use it.
Easy maneuvering.


Need to replace the existing seatpost.

Must match the seat tube dimensions.

Significant extra weight.

Significant lower clearance between wheel and floor when riding.

c) Mounting a wheel at the end of the seatpost. E.g. Qbicle folding bike roller.


Little extra weight.

May not affect the seatpost adjustment.

Can be implemented on different folding bicycles.

May not need extra tasks to use it.


Need to remove if end of seatpost goes into the seat tube for riding.
Need to roughly match the seatpost diameter.
Slightly lower clearance between wheel and floor when riding.
Need to align the wheel direction during each installation.
Difficult maneuvering.

d) Dahon D-Walker.
Pros and Cons: I think picture says a thousand words. I say it is over engineered but not much added value.
Correction: After having experiencing folding bikes with the N-fold design, I guess the above design is to help tackle the unbalance "problem" in N-fold design.

From here, I came across these after I have come up with my version.

e) Another implementation, away from seat post/tube: The clip talks about the magnet but the wheel appeared in it.

f) Dahon Landing Gear
Only for certain Dahon frame that allow it to be mounted at the BB.

g) mo:Rack
A Singapore product.

h) "Imitation" of the Qbicle Folding Bike Roller

i) Another Japanese kinda over engineered version. This one has almost the same concept as my current version.

j) The best design I have come across so far. Easy installation, rotatable, no need to be removed, light, cheap! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Why not ride to work?

I read a new nicely written e-book, LET’S BIKE TO WORK, SINGAPORE: A QUICK START GUIDE by Calvin Boo. In it there is a list of reasons why many cyclists think they cannot cycle to work. I would like to share my views on them here.

Why [Not] Ride To Work?

Ten and more reasons …
Start a conversation with any cyclist and most can churn up at least ten reasons why they cannot cycle to work: 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How far can a five year old ride on a balancing bike?

Our family made the following cycling (not all) trip on Sunday. My couple and our five year old son. I am on a Tern Link C7. Wife on a Polygon Urbano 3.0. Son is on a loopfiets or balancing bike, or kid training bike.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - How I learned mounting/dismounting on the move

Recently saw someone trying to learn this trick. This is one of the tricks I managed to self-learned. So, I would just like to briefly share my experience.

Reason for learning this skill is because I am short, but using an old hybrid 26" bike. Thus, the mounting and dismounting is inconvenient and time consuming. Seeing how most old uncles do it gracefully on their Flying Pigeon like 28 or 29 inch bikes inspire me to acquire this skill.

Initially I tried to learn the mounting. I guess this is the very natural and intuitive approach, since mounting comes before dismounting. However, after many attempts without much progress, I started thinking, maybe I should learn the dismounting first. So true, I managed to dismount while the bike is rolling soon enough. After that, it didn't take long for me to pick up the mounting skill.

The logic is quite obvious. For mounting, one needs to balance a slow moving bicycle while standing on one of the pedal and trying to cross over to seat on the saddle. Trying to execute a couple of new moves at the same time is not helpful. However, for dismounting, one starts off riding the bicycle, then start to try out each of the following steps a little by a little: 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Alternate routes

This post is about a way to make bicycle commuting safer by selection of route with safety as an, if not the most, important criteria. The idea does not need much explanation. Here, I'll just share how my recent commuting route evolved.

Start: Toa Payoh
End: NUH

During the initial years of my bicycle commuting in the late 90s, the route I would have used is based on bus route that I am familiar with. That would be Braddell, Lornie, Adam, Farrer, Holland, North Buona Vista, Lower Kent Ridge. I was and am still comfortable with majority of this route except the narrow-lanes and hilly Lornie and Adam roads, and most dangerous at the entrance to and exit from PIE along Adam road. Nevertheless, I think this route is the fastest and the last issue above "disappear" in the morning/evening peaks.

After some time, I have learned non-bus routes to get out and into Toa Payoh, and I called them "bicycle ports". Thus, I could avoid Braddell road by

Monday, March 18, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Pushing a bicycle up a slope

This is to share my experience and thoughts on how to push a small bicycle up the Braddell road bridge "connecting" the Kallang PCN between Bishan and Toa Payoh. Some background about this bridge can be found here, and here.

First, if you are pushing a full size and heavy enough bicycle, I don't think you would experience much issues. I have been pushing my old skool 26" hybrid bicycle up this place many times. However, I noticed many folding bike riders prefer to carry their bicycle up. I didn't know why until the first time I pushed my 20" Polygon Urbano 3.0 bicycle up this bridge. After doing so a few times, I think I know the issue. Below I'll share my experience:

Typically cyclists push their bicycles by holding the handle bar, allowing them to control the direction.The problem I had when pushing the folding bicycle is that the rear wheel kept slipping inwards on to the steps. This is irritating.

Thus, one way is to have one hand holding the saddle while the other holding the handle. However, with only one hand holding the handle bar, it is more challenging to control the direction.

Anyway, after exploring different ways of pushing, I found that I could push my folding bicycle easily with one hand at a lower position nearer to the frame (see blue arrow head in diagram below). For folding bicycle like mine, I can still control the direction holding here. My free hand can carry other stuff, e.g. my son's balancing bike, so I don't need to make another trip.

Partial force diagram illustration

Then, I gave some thoughts about it and figured out a reason for my method.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Most are good drivers

Though there may seem to be many cyclist-hater drivers when we read comments on news about cyclists on roads in the cyberspace, the fact that many are still alive riding on the roads suggest otherwise. Recently I am capturing rear video footage during my rides and I do notice many good, nice, and patient drivers around. 

Thus, I think those who hate cyclists on roads are only the minority among all drivers. And based on the common complaints, I further speculate that these are those who find overtaking a challenge, < 3 s delay (which is negligible once meet a red light) by cyclists unbearable, find driving expensive or not affordable but feel that by asking cyclists pay will ease their burden somehow, or are just plain cyclophobia.
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