Friday, July 16, 2004


Today heard a description about the horoscope with the most theories. SAGITTARIUS! That's me, and how true. I like to think, rationalize. After living these few decades, looking at myself, I agree with the description of Sagittarius. Now I wonder what are the characteristics of Capricorn, since my birthday is very near the end of Sagittarius.

I do believe there’s a link between character and the day, time of birth, the name, etc., just the way a person’s character is related to his/her upbringing style/environment/etc. However, I don’t think there is any between character and the name of the horoscope, the stars forming the horoscope, the name of the ‘animal’ of the year in Chinese horoscopes, etc.

Similarly, I do believe there’s logic in the concept of ‘fengshui’. However, I would say no one correctly, exactly or fully understand everything about ‘fengshui’.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Butterfly effect

Few weeks back I watched the movie 'Butterfly Effect'. In the study of ecology, scientists have also learnt that minute changes will bring about huge effects. Similarly, in many nature parks, signboards were put up to instruct tourists not to feed the wild animals to avoid undesirable effects on the species. Today, in two conversations, some friends have noticed that young men in some countries are less manly. A conjecture comes to my mind, is it probably that most man in Singapore went through the army training at a young age of about 18 serves the function of boosting the manly characteristics of men here?

On some further thoughts, it seems that some evolutional changes that have been happening for at least some decades should be seriously studied. As more women step into the fields of men and as the living environment become safer, the need for muscles and those capabilities once mainly or solely belong to men reduces. This results in an environment where men are more unlikely to play the full role of the male species, in terms of protecting the females, being the bread-earner, making all decisions, etc. As a result, women are becoming less womanly and men are becoming less manly.

I suspect this could be a major reason for the low rates of successful marriages in many modern societies. As men and women not playing the proper roles of husband and wife, respectively, the relationship within families could not be properly formed and grow.

Feeding the hungry wild animals may appear as an act of kindness, but the effect on these animals could be disastrous, unless the importance of the animals to acquire their own survival skills is being re-enforced. Similarly, for women to be able to survive by themselves and contribute more to societies after the expansion of their capabilities may appear good, but this might have caused men to be less manly. It is as if the magnetic bonding force between two magnets weaken is due to the north and south poles of the magnet becoming less ‘northly’ and ‘southly’ respectively. Relating this to the case of a family, the bonding force between husband and wife would be weakened due to the husband and wife becoming less manly and womanly, respectively.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Outside marriage pregnancy

This evening we have some discussions about outside marriage pregnancy. I was pondering on the possibility of making it an illegal or punishable act. Still thinking... the argument could be similar to theft with a difference where the victim is someone to be born. Many acts are considered a crime because it causes harm to others or the society. Pregnancy outside of marriage do cause harm to the society, and people such as the to be born baby (obviously), the future/present husband/wife/children/parents. Could it be because of the common pitiful feelings towards the pregnant woman? Shouldn’t be since we punish those who survived their attempted suicide.

From another angle, deep inside our pure conscience, we know that acts such as stealing, robbery, murder, sex not between husband/wife and etc. are wrong and therefore society should have the proper mechanisms to educate, prevent and punish accordingly.

Thursday, July 1, 2004


There is the chinese idiom 一山不容二虎 (literally: two tigers cannot be accommodated in one mountain). Usually, the immediate conclusion is that one must leave and the other, probably the stronger one stays. This is clearly not the best solution. Wouldn’t it be better if the two can join forces? However, it is quite impossible for the two to have the same authority and power. Thus, in order for them to join force, they must agree on some hierarchy between them with the understanding that this for the betterment of the whole.
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