Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Loving thy neighbors

If it were expected that soon a neighbor apartment will suffer from construction defects, such as leakage from pipes, intermittent electricity supply, tiles cracking, walls shaking, etc..

Would caring neighbors assist them by showing them ways to be minimally affected by these defects, and how to live in such conditions?

How about inviting them to our place until another suitable permanent place is found?

Now, if some places on earth are expected to be very badly affected by global warming (or ice-age?? whatever..), shouldn't people move to better locations a wiser option than stubbornly sticking around?

Anyway, does anybody really owns any piece of land?

In the report, UN: Poor Need $86 Billion in Climate Aid,
"Half the cost, $44 billion, would go for "climate-proofing" developing nations' infrastructure while $40 billion would help the poor adapt how the live to cope with climate-related risks, says the panel's report. The other $2 billion would go to strengthening responses to natural disasters."

Humans usually adapt, but not always. The nomads way becomes applicable if a living environment would become too unsuitable for living.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"us" versus "you and me," or may be even "me and you"

Read the following in the article, "Why we all need to commit"

"Academics at Denver University have developed a "theory of commitment" that says, essentially, that the best relationships are those in which two people see themselves as "us" more than as "you and me". They make sacrifices for each other, and give priority to each other's needs."

I doubt they think/feel that they are sacrificing for each other. They are very likely just living the usual life of taking care of one own self, only that now the own self consists of more than one persons because the see a single entity "us." I guess this is what some calls husband and wife unity.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The "Big" and "Small" me.

Interestingly, I posted about the "big" and "small" me only days before it happens literally.

Now, I have become "bigger."

When one's capability and willingness to expand realm of concern and responsibility, one becomes "bigger." Thus, relatively speaking, resources used on the original me is lesser, or from a third party perspective, the person has "sacrificed" the "small" me [partially] for the "big" me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So special, yet so common.

This moment, a special moment to me.

After ~266 days, "it" has "ripened".

Yet, such is so common since the population on earth is huge, and has a long history.

Nevertheless, every single being in this huge population is special and unique.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Finally, I have a face... in the book.

Today, I joined FaceBook.
Lets see what will happen next..

I was in Friendster, did virtually nothing, and now no more there.
I roughly recall I was in hi5! for a short while.. or may be not at all.
I am still in Multiply, but only active for about few months.

Oh... my colleague just "briefly" described a few things that can be done in FaceBook.
Hmmm... on one hand, these make FaceBook quite useful, on the other hand, will I get too busy on it that I'll quit shortly?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sex education: the ABC Model, and Is abstinence education bad?

Just found and would like to read these two articles:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Work life balance

What is the similarity between a person having 2 full-time jobs, and a family with both husband and wife working?

Are double-income families in some way sub-ideal families?

A person normally would not want to have 2 full-time jobs. He has got other things in life to attend to.

A family normally would not need double income. They have got other family needs to attend to.

If the society is to be blamed, then it would be a sub-ideal society.

Some may think that the wife is contributing to the society. Good if that's true, and after making sure that the other family needs were attended to. However, how many of the working wives are truly doing more by working then by raising up their next generations?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Speeding

We know that it is dangerous to speed. In educational materials that tell drivers don’t speed, we don't see a further message that says, if drivers really cannot abstain from speeding, then please wear more protective gears, just in case.

Let suppose someone were to produce a video to curb speeding behaviors.

A catchy title is chosen: “Go Speeding.” 99.9% of the contents are about the potential fatal consequences of speeding such as lost of lives, both one’s own and others’, heart pain of loved ones, permanent injuries, and etc. That is, a very strong and clear message of “don’t speed!”

However, for the sake of some who just couldn’t help but will surely go speeding, the producer also includes “DVD extras” such as how to wear proper and top notch protective gears, do regular checks and maintenance on the vehicle, speed only on familiar roads, and etc.

I doubt any traffic related authority will agree to the inclusion of the above “DVD extras.” It basically tells the audience that you may still go speeding, contradicting the “don’t speed!” message.

I think it is not an issue to most, if not all, that why educational materials for drivers only send the “don’t speed!” message, without, at the same time, also giving advises to some people who just couldn’t help but speed.

Yes, it is also important to know about safety precautions. However, these safety precautions in driving are for normal driving, and should not be used to suggest that speeding is conditionally acceptable. Furthermore, these safety precautions are designed for, and are only quite, but not fully effective to prevent injuries in accidents during normal driving. These are not designed for speeding scenario.

This article is not about traffic safety. This is about a recently DVD entitled "Go Have Sex."

I find it illogical to include the “DVD extras” in the “Go Have Sex” DVD. The “safe sex” message simply contradicts the “no pre-marital sex” message.

Yes, it is also beneficial to know about contraceptive measures. However, these contraceptive measures are for family planning, and should not be used to suggest that pre-marital and extra-marital sex are conditionally acceptable. Furthermore, condoms and the likes are designed for, and are only quite, but not fully effective to prevent pregnancy in normal sexual life, i.e. within marriage. These are not designed for prevention of STDs infections, and pre-marital and extra-marital sexual lifestyles would further reduce their effectiveness.

To all parents and educators, please do not include contradictory contraceptive materials when sending the “no pre-marital sex” message!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Start courtship early

This is an interesting and good idea: start writing love letters to express your love to your spouse to be, before you know who is he/she. I heard this in a talk by the Generations of Virtue Ministry.

Express how you have live each moment of your life maturing and preparing yourself for him/her. E.g. You do not flirt with others. You have always behaved as if your spouse is just next to you. Your plans of how you would take good care of him/her.

How touching it is to read such love letters of your spouse when you get married later.

Sunday, November 4, 2007



There is a Chinese saying, sacrifice the "small" me, for the completion of the "big" me, or sacrifice oneself for the sake of the whole.

Using it to describe what some great people have done is fine. However, when we ourselves try to do it, the word "sacrifice" has a deterrence factor. Rather, if we were to expand our "self" to embrace more entities, thus becoming the "big" me or even the whole, then our natural instinct of survivor will be to live for the sake of the whole.

Insights from reading the book "A Bald Head and A Strawberry."

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've the power

I just reserved and abandoned a PayPerPost opportunity.

It feels good to be able to choose not to earn by choosing not to take up an opportunity to promote things that are not aligned with my views.

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