Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Left hook

In left hand drive countries, it is commonly known as the right hook. Here, it is left hook. When left turning drivers feel they can safely turn left assuming cyclists will be forced to stop and give way.

Just yesterday, I had another, yes it is quite common, encounter of a near left hook. However, usually when this happens, it is the driver who will have higher blood pressure. ...

Along Toa Payoh Central, while approaching the nice 45 degrees carpark entrance in front of 79B, a driver gave a warning horn and expected me to give way to him. Sorry, I think it should be you who should give way to me since I am on the road, not the pavement. Thus, when he tries to turn in, I did not slow down, and continue to ride as straight as possible, but avoiding any contact. He was almost forced up the kerb!

Hope he learned a lesson and don't ever expect slow moving bicycles to slow down when the bicycles have the right of way. By the way, I wasn't riding too slowly. To drivers, cyclists riding on the left so that forward moving vehicles won't be blocked, but not for left turning vehicles to left hook us!

On my part, I somehow didn't do what I would normally have done: I would have checked behind when approaching such openings and when there aren't fast moving vehicles, I will move slightly to the right so that drivers behind are clear of my intention to ride straight ahead.

My cycling in Singapore experiences - right of way

In many recent discussions about cycling on pavements, I have been leaving comments stressing the pedestrian right of way on pavements. I feel to deny cycling on pavements is impractical. However, it is important that pedestrians are the rightful users. Thus, both cyclists and pedestrians should clearly understand this and practice it.

I suggest cyclists should not overtake pedestrians ... if there is likelihood that they may suddenly act in a way that results in near accident or near collision. However, I am very against the use of bell and similar tools that portray the impression of asking pedestrians to give way. Thus, cyclists on pavement should accept the fate to be blocked by pedestrians.

I suggest pedestrians should not be afraid and act suddenly to give way. I find it dangerous because such sudden actions are likely to cause accidents, e.g. spraining ankles. As a cyclist myself, I am more afraid of pedestrians then I am afraid of cyclists when I am a pedestrian. Cyclists are likely to sustain more injuries, more difficult to maneuver, and no matter what, it is the cyclists at fault legally speaking.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd death?

I am quite young and apolitical to know much about Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam. I respect him just base on the fact that he continues his fight immediately after being cleared of bankruptcy to start a new political party at such old age.

While reading about his news on the Internet, I came across this article ... through Feed Me To The Fish blog. In the article, I think our Former President C. V. Devan Nair suggested that JBJ was leaving the political scene in 1999.

Now, has he left?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My new toy

My parents use top loading washing machines and I have only few chance to operate it myself. Recently just gotten my first washing machine. After some ad-hoc research, first I decided on LG because on two lists I found online, many LG models were ranked top places in both water and energy efficiencies.

Next, I was a little confused over the model codings. There was a F1422TD on promotion but the Singapore LG website only has WD models. Anyway, by the time I am $-ready to purchase, that promotion was over.

In the meantime ... , I have made altogether over 10 visits to Courts, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store, and did many online readings. Basically, sale persons in such non-specialized stores are not professionals. One Courts staff tried to push me to buy European brands, claiming that all LG's are made in China. However, the Harvey Norman staff (Aaron Soh, who offered to explain the product to me on all my 4-5 visits there) showed me the label in the LG machine stating that it is made in Korea, and taught me we can tell from the nicer LG logo on made in Korea LG machines.

I find that the different sets of wash cycles on different models only confuse me, and so I ignore them. Thus, I narrow down my choice to this one that is on promotion, according to Harvey Norman's pricing: U.P. S$1599, now S$999, and after few hours considering any reason not to get it, I bought it. However, later went to Mega Discount Store and noticed they just changed it from a week ago S$1399 to promote it at U.P. S$1199, now S$1059. Anyway, S$999 is still better :)

Oh, I haven't mentioned it yet. I bought the LG WD14331AD Washer/Dryer.

See update after a year using.

Wanna be asked 4 questions per week?

I was "cheated" about S$20 by this, and many others were being cheated too! Beware! Here are their "fine" print:
*This is a Wixawin trivia game promoted by TMG B.V. Wixawin is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks, logos, (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners. | This is an ongoing subscription quiz service until user quits. | This service operates according to the Singapore code of practice for SMS services. | By sending an SMS to 72233, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and agree to be bound by these 'Terms & Conditions'. | To stop service? text STOP to 72233. | Subscription: you will receive 3 SMS questions per week, S$4 per SMS question received. | Competition ends 31-12-'08. | Age: 18+ only – obtain bill payer's permission. | Helpdesk: 6571 3999 | Technical Service Provider: Sybase 365 Pte Ltd.
Who with a right mind in the universe would ... want to pay S$4 to receive SMS??? Regardless did you participate in their quiz or not. Might as well go and buy ToTo! Betting S$16 per week.

Thus, if this is according to the Singapore code of practice for SMS services, then there is a serious flaw in the code of practice!!!
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