Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Regarding courtship, how should it be defined. To persuade someone that you can be her good lover, husband and a good father, etc? Then, how to persuade, or to prove it? Yes, how to prove? Fundamentally, it is about character. However, we don't start to mold our character when you want to woo a girl. So, if we think this way that having a good character = courtship, then, one should start before having a target or even before understanding such stuffs. Shouldn't small boys be educated to aim to be a good lover/husband/father from young by building a good character.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Illness and healing

Recently, I'm reading a book about natural healing. It is very encouraging to me because my beliefs and thoughts all along have been echoed exactly and more by the author. I might have mentioned before, my view on oriental/traditional treatment to illness verses the western medicine is that the formal basically focus on enhancing our body built-in system to recover while the latter treat our body as a dumb biological machine. This is also related to another observation that strategies to achieve seemingly best short-term objectives or I called them greedy algorithms, are usually not the best way and probably one of the worst approaches.

Furthermore, many of the perceived to be illnesses are not illnesses, but signs of our body immune system repairing the damages, such as fever, running nose and non-life-threatening inflammatory such as most cuts. Thus, you may want to re-think about should you force fever away by ice or western medication, retain the stuff in your nose rather than letting them out or applying anti-inflammatory on wounds.
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