Friday, May 28, 2010

Wholesome solution is lacking

A recent experience on the imbalance of modern medical therapy approach. Son is coughing and some kind of smoke treatment is given, but son doesn't like it. However, as the nurse stressed we have to insist, and anyway, the medicine has already been dispensed, i.e. paid for. Thus, we forcefully held son throughout the process.

Later, we were asked to buy a very simplify and easy to use equipment, which is also used for asthma, for the similar purpose. Too bad, we didn't manage to use it because the earlier incident has left a terrible impression and son is unwilling to sniff it. We are also very unwilling to hurt our bond with him.

Between spiritual/social and physical, I value the former much more.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road tax and bicycle

What is road tax for? Is it for using the road?

From Wikipedia:
Road tax, also Vehicle Excise Duty in the UK, Registration Fee USA, Regco Australia, Vehicle Licensing Fee Brazil, Motor vehicle circulation tax Spain) which is an annual tax which has to be paid on most motor vehicle before using them on a public road.
(bold highlights are mine)

Different countries called it differently such as: performance tax, weight tax, Motor tax, Vehicle Tax, motor vehicle circulation tax, vehicle excise duty, Federal highway use tax.

The rate can be based on: vehicle's weight, vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions, based on the engine's displacement.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, what if the law didn't state?

In this modern age, people are asking if this and that is legal or not. Is that the ultimate guideline for us to follow? Have we forgotten this thing called the conscience? By the way, are we to base our acts solely on the laws?

Things that are so obviously wrong that all the while nobody finds the need for such obvious things to be explicitly stated in the laws. Interestingly, when some raise the question asking if such obviously wrong thing is wrong, there are people who really try to answer the question. More surprisingly, such obviously wrong thing could be argued to be not wrong just because legal laws didn't say so!

Never go down. Never slow down.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Singapore Cyclist Almost Creamed on Clementi Road

Is the number plate GBA 1059X?I stumbled on this via Google Alert, and find it is worth to be spread. So I blogged here, twitted, and forwarded to facebook. Then, someone saw it on facebook and alerted the Traffic Police, and accordingly, they will take action. So, may be more cyclists can mount video cam on their bike or helmet and post such "reality show" up. Not necessarily bad encounters, but also include happy encounters, which I believe are more common.
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