Thursday, May 27, 2010

Road tax and bicycle

What is road tax for? Is it for using the road?

From Wikipedia:
Road tax, also Vehicle Excise Duty in the UK, Registration Fee USA, Regco Australia, Vehicle Licensing Fee Brazil, Motor vehicle circulation tax Spain) which is an annual tax which has to be paid on most motor vehicle before using them on a public road.
(bold highlights are mine)

Different countries called it differently such as: performance tax, weight tax, Motor tax, Vehicle Tax, motor vehicle circulation tax, vehicle excise duty, Federal highway use tax.

The rate can be based on: vehicle's weight, vehicle's carbon dioxide emissions, based on the engine's displacement.

1. Although it is generally called road tax, the actual object that the tax target at is the ownership of vehicles, more specifically motor vehicles.
2. The tax is regardless of usage of the road, except the Federal highway use tax, but that is more like toll.
3. From the items that it is based on, if really want to include bicycle, then the tax amount would be very very little when we compare the weight, carbon dioxide emissions, engine's displacement of a bicycle to that of a regular car.

1. The tax is on the ownership.
2. Bicycle is not a motor vehicle.
3. The tax is a requirement for motor vehicle, not anything to use the road, and it is illegal for bicycle to be ridden on expressways.
4. It is not that cyclists don't pay, or the authority has forgotten or too lazy to collect from cyclists, but by the principles of road tax, bicycle owner need to pay virtually $0.00 annually and even in a decade!

Don't mind help spread these information to stop the wrong argument that cyclists/bicycle owners should pay road tax to use the road!!!

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