Thursday, June 21, 2007

Don't do it! However if ... then do it with precaution.

The traffic police knows it is dangerous for motorcyclists to ride in between vehicles rather than on the middle of the lane. They try to educate them to bring across this message. In nowhere did they suggest that, if motorcyclists really cannot abstain from riding dangerously, then please wear more protective gears, just in case.

This blog entry is not about traffic safety. I just find the above to be so common sense that nobody questions the traffic police for only asking motorcyclists to abstain from dangerous riding behaviors, without giving any advice for those who just refuse to the abstainence message.

Now, on the issue of extra-marrital sexual behaviors, historically it has been proper for sexual behaviors within marriage and between husband and wife. Yet, when only abstinence is being taught, many people think that safe sex should also be mentioned. In contrast to the traffic analogy above, this is RIDICULOUS!

Just ask the police or anyone what they think would happen if the motorcyclists were also told after all the talk on riding properly, that if they really cannot abstain, then please wear more protective gears.

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