Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Legal vs moral.

Is legal >, =, or < moral?

I don't think legal can be greater than moral. Moral is based on conscience, which exists from the very begining of life, or awareness. Legal is a man-made system, which supposingly should be based on conscience, but other immoral factors can also mis-guide the legal system.

I think it will be naive to say the two are equal. There are differences in many aspects. Already mentioned, moral is natural, while legal is a man-made system. We live according to moral standards, while legal exists to serve by allowing disputes among people be handled. Moral system surely exists although not well defined, whereas legal system is well defined but may not exist.

Thus, I think legal is less than or sub-level when compared to moral. Thus, legal cannot be used to define, describe or imply moral.

This, I think is the issue in the argument on should immoral sexual acts between consenting adults be illegal? I hope these can remain illegal, but it seems more and more unlikely. Thus, lets make it clear that legal < moral and such acts will always be immoral regardless of its legal status.

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