Friday, June 25, 2010

Somebody asked Is riding a bicycle on the main road...

Is riding a bicycle on the main road dangerous to themselves and other fast moving vehicles?

and made the following comments:
I can understand that bicycle is very eco-friendly. But SG main roads are always very heavy around the clock. Even though there are special roads dedicated to bicycle riders but many riders still prefer to use the main roads and compete with the fast moving motor vehicles.

All the vehicle holders on the road must pay the road tax, why should there be an exception to the bicycle riders?

All motor-vehicle drivers who hug on the road will be summoned, but why should there be an exception given to the bicycle riders?

All the vehicle holders on the road have to go through high-way code and training before using the road, why should there be an exception given to the bicycle riders?

Do bicycle riders care about they are obstructing the traffic most of the time? Do they know that it is not only dangerous to the themselves but also to other motor vehicles trying to avoid them on the roads which are already very heavy?
My response:

Firstly, the question is not good

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Does God need priests, pastors, nuns, monks, and etc.?

Just about slightly more than a year back, I wrote about Is God religious?, and later revisited the same question, Again, is God religious?

Recently, again I am wondering a similar question. Does God need religious setups? More specifically, the question can be broken up into various tenses:
a) Did God need religious setups before the fall of Adam and Eve?
b) Does God need religious setups after the fall until the completion of restoration?
c) Will God need religious setups after the completion of restoration?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Which floor?

The question commonly asked in a lift. I am starting to answer more often by "yeah" or "ok" or "that's it." No, it isn't that I have been more lucky to be going up with neighbors on my level. I started doing so because I need to exercise more. Thus, when their level is not too far from mine, e.g. 3 levels or less, then I would just climb up/down a few flights of stairs.

The other advantages are saving energy and other people time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Bike Train Bike

Recently, I started a bike-train-bike commuting mode. I bought a second bicycle to be used for traveling between work place and the MRT station nearby. The last time I did this was more than ten years ago where one bike was used between JB and Marsiling and another in AMK.

I find this is a very convenient, economical and quick way. The risk is that the bicycle stationed near work place is more likely to be stolen during the weekends. Still, I find it economical, comparing a ~$50 bike to a few hundreds dollar folding bike, which cannot be officially brought on the train during peak hours.
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