Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My cycling in Singapore experiences - Bike Train Bike

Recently, I started a bike-train-bike commuting mode. I bought a second bicycle to be used for traveling between work place and the MRT station nearby. The last time I did this was more than ten years ago where one bike was used between JB and Marsiling and another in AMK.

I find this is a very convenient, economical and quick way. The risk is that the bicycle stationed near work place is more likely to be stolen during the weekends. Still, I find it economical, comparing a ~$50 bike to a few hundreds dollar folding bike, which cannot be officially brought on the train during peak hours.


Starringme said...

Remember to use a good U-Lock!

Back2Nature said...

Then I also risk to lose the good U-Lock :)

I wanted my very old bike, which was bought as a 2nd hand in 96, to be stolen for years... May be I just discard it and get another 2nd hand bike.

Starringme said...

haha, u can always sell it off!

Back2Nature said...

Surely I can do that :)

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