Friday, May 28, 2010

Wholesome solution is lacking

A recent experience on the imbalance of modern medical therapy approach. Son is coughing and some kind of smoke treatment is given, but son doesn't like it. However, as the nurse stressed we have to insist, and anyway, the medicine has already been dispensed, i.e. paid for. Thus, we forcefully held son throughout the process.

Later, we were asked to buy a very simplify and easy to use equipment, which is also used for asthma, for the similar purpose. Too bad, we didn't manage to use it because the earlier incident has left a terrible impression and son is unwilling to sniff it. We are also very unwilling to hurt our bond with him.

Between spiritual/social and physical, I value the former much more.


lovesuperkarma said...

I kind of understand your predicament but medical care for asthma is really important . I been suffering from asthma for 20 years but it is an on and off thing but if you get the attack you will need medication real fast. i always keep an inhaler nearby just incase i need to use it .
this is the first time i am here but send back some love , thanks

Back2Nature said...

I agree on its importance and ease of use for adults, but the issue here, which I forgot to mention, is the way it is given to young children. My son is only 2.5 years old, and he isn't having asthma, just cough.

Parker Cross said...

As a nurse I can understand your frustration and the problem in forcing your child to do anything that you feel harms your relationship. The "smoke" as i'm sure you are aware is vaporized medicine that will open your childs lungs and help them breath better. You don't have to use a mask with it. Just holding the mist close to your childs nose and mouth will reduce the truma. Distraction is always the key to giving medicine. Let him watch cartoons while you give the treatment. Your bond won't do you much good if he's not around to bond with.

Back2Nature said...

Too bad, that nurse didn't give me that advice. That was just coughing, not acute asthma attack, and not even asthma.

As he was terrified by the mask, he rejects the spacer too. So, I just place the spacer with the other end, after pressing and pulling out the metered dose inhaler, near his nose when he is in deep sleep.

Anyway, he is recovering fast now, but, I am left with these merely used yet unneeded items: GSK Ventolin and a Flixotide evohaler, and a spacer. Anybody wanna buy?

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