Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, what if the law didn't state?

In this modern age, people are asking if this and that is legal or not. Is that the ultimate guideline for us to follow? Have we forgotten this thing called the conscience? By the way, are we to base our acts solely on the laws?

Things that are so obviously wrong that all the while nobody finds the need for such obvious things to be explicitly stated in the laws. Interestingly, when some raise the question asking if such obviously wrong thing is wrong, there are people who really try to answer the question. More surprisingly, such obviously wrong thing could be argued to be not wrong just because legal laws didn't say so!


test said...

My 5 cents, although conscience tells the right from wrong most of the time, it doesn't really tell you what comes first.

Back2Nature said...

Conscience tells the right from wrong ALL of the time, but many times we have problem hearing it or accepting what was heard.

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