Friday, November 20, 2009

Let's see

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Here, I mean using eyes to see things literally. Yet, in modern days, many don't have good eyesight. However, personally, I don't think modern humans have poorer eyesight, but rather ancient humans doesn't need as good eyesight as in this modern age. Most natural things don't have sharp edges, or it is not important to identify sharp edges. In this modern world, most of the things we see are man made and not able to see these things in clear form affects our life quality.

But ... , hasn't we already solve this problem for centuries with spectacles and more recently, with contact lenses? Yes, but now we have got something even better. Check out the iLASIK Video Contest videos about how better vision could improve — or has improved — people’s lives. It is a contest by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction. I like the video "Mommy, kids, and glasses..." by MommyInGlasses. I too had similar episodes of my son snatching my glasses away, and also a broken one recently.

If you have your stories to tell, the contest is still open for more entries, so visit the site and submit one. The prizes are attractive! You may win the Grand Prize = $5,000, one of the First Prize = HDTV package ($2,500), or one of the Second Prize = The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder ($199.99).
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Monday, November 16, 2009


Recently I have some thoughts about KPI. KPI is a quantifiable measure to reflect progress. To progress is the real objective. To have a nice KPI is not. If there is progress but KPI doesn't reflect, the KPI needs to be tuned or changed. On the other hand, if there is no progress or even regress but KPI suggests progress, then more important to correct the KPI.

However, very often, attaining a nice KPI became ...
the objective instead, while the real objective was forgotten. I am seeing this happening all over the places, in different fields, from education (test/exams), management, and etc. Here, lets just look at fever.

Fever in itself is not bad.

The so called western medicine is also termed as evidence based medicine. It has its strength as drugs are tested. The problem is the limitation of tests. Usually, they are targeted at a single symptom. Furthermore, may even only based on one or very limited quantitative measures of the symptom. A typical example is body temperature. As time passes, the measure is being seen as the problem. Instead of focusing on restoring health, it became focusing on restoring these measurements.

By the way, 37 degree Celcius, the so called normal body temperature is actually the average temperature. Each individual probably has his/her own normal body temperature.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How can it be that easy, to abandon babies?

Just learnt about a the shelter for babies in Singapore, Sanctuary House, which was set up since 2005 in this news. Their "business" has grown, sadly.

Not that I don't pity these abandoned babies, but adopting them is not the way.

Ideally, the parents must ... still be fully, or as much as they could to be responsible for them. Yes, the abandoned ones should be taken care of, but I think it is very unwise to directly or indirectly excuse their parents of their responsibilities.

Shouldn't it be considered a crime for one to not want to raise his/her children? Thus, they should be tracked down, and made to be responsible as much as possible. Similar to bankruptcy, but more than it, at the very minimal, a portion of their income/assets must be given to the child indefinitely.

In addition, since a child is related by lineage to his family members and relatives, as long as can track down any of them, they also be somehow made to bare the financial burden. The objective here is not so much as to reduce number of abandoned, but to make everyone aware of the consequence of irresponsible (aka extra-marrital) sex.

The above is really at the bare minimum because financial is just one of the many aspects in raising up children.

Thus, think about it, at present the society/nation/community is baring the burden, i.e. all of us are bearing such increasing burden. If people are concern enough to tell people off because they let kids step on MRT seats, then shouldn't we be more concern to scold [young] people who gets too intimate, regardless in public or in private.
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