Monday, November 16, 2009


Recently I have some thoughts about KPI. KPI is a quantifiable measure to reflect progress. To progress is the real objective. To have a nice KPI is not. If there is progress but KPI doesn't reflect, the KPI needs to be tuned or changed. On the other hand, if there is no progress or even regress but KPI suggests progress, then more important to correct the KPI.

However, very often, attaining a nice KPI became ...
the objective instead, while the real objective was forgotten. I am seeing this happening all over the places, in different fields, from education (test/exams), management, and etc. Here, lets just look at fever.

Fever in itself is not bad.

The so called western medicine is also termed as evidence based medicine. It has its strength as drugs are tested. The problem is the limitation of tests. Usually, they are targeted at a single symptom. Furthermore, may even only based on one or very limited quantitative measures of the symptom. A typical example is body temperature. As time passes, the measure is being seen as the problem. Instead of focusing on restoring health, it became focusing on restoring these measurements.

By the way, 37 degree Celcius, the so called normal body temperature is actually the average temperature. Each individual probably has his/her own normal body temperature.

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