Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Easy Rolling Wheel

Trying to document how to make my Easy Rolling Wheel. Need not follow exactly, just achieve the functionality. You might also like to read about some other similar products that I have come across.

Materials: Some anti slip materialElastic string,Normal string (thicker type)A paper clip (optional),some scotch tapeSome double sided tape (thicker better)A washerFurniture caster wheelSome unwanted cloth, furry and thick would be better, and Water hose.

This is one of the way to reduce the slanting angle of the caster wheel.
Thickering the caster wheel stem: Cut out two pieces from the water hose about the length of the caster wheel stem. Cut a small segment out from one of them..

Coil the cut piece reversely and insert it into the other piece.

Pass the elastic string through the hose piece.
Tie the elastic string with an adjustable loop on to the base of the caster wheel stem.

Position the elastic string at the gap of the cut hose in the outer hose.
Press the hose piece on to the caster wheel stem. 
It should be quite tight.
1) This design might need to be adjusted depending on the bottom cap of the seat post.
2) A longer section of the hose might be better.

That's it if your seat post allow the elastic string to be pulled through from the top and tie on to the saddle frame. Otherwise, you'll need to find a way to secure the top end of the elastic string inside the seat post. Below shows the way I did it.

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