Monday, May 10, 2010

Singapore Cyclist Almost Creamed on Clementi Road

Is the number plate GBA 1059X?I stumbled on this via Google Alert, and find it is worth to be spread. So I blogged here, twitted, and forwarded to facebook. Then, someone saw it on facebook and alerted the Traffic Police, and accordingly, they will take action. So, may be more cyclists can mount video cam on their bike or helmet and post such "reality show" up. Not necessarily bad encounters, but also include happy encounters, which I believe are more common.


Starringme said...

Omg lucky!

XYZ said...

OK lah, not a really big deal lah.

These kind of offenses against cyclists are often, I find, due to misjudgement of the speed of a cyclists, sometimes mixed with impatience, sometimes not.

Often I find that slip roads are one of the most dangerous places to face cars, as motorists are mostly on the lookout for cars first, then anything else is secondary and to some motorists, optional.

I don't think this driver has any intention of creaming the cyclist, just new to dealing with cyclists.

I would usually just say what he said, maybe point a finger, but I won't go all over the road to pursue the driver, especially not when the driver is apologetic. People are imperfect.

Back2Nature said...

When I blogged/twitted/facebooked about it, I didn't know it is an offense that the TP can take action upon. So, just as the driver has no intention and is apologetic, I too have no intention but am not apologetic if he/she kenna punished by TP for it :P

Instead of misjudgement, I would say it was due to not accustomed to cyclists on the road. This applies to every road users because cyclists here are so rare. When drivers watch out for cars, they are looking further away due to higher speed of cars. Thus, location of cyclists potential of a collision is not in their attention view area.

When they watch out for pedestrian, they are looking much nearer. Thus, it is very dangerous for cyclists to ride onto pedestrian crossing from pavement.

Putting it the other way, it is the cyclists who assumed wrongly that drivers know they are coming. Thus, my first advice for cycling on road is having good experiences driving cars on the road.

Btw, I think pointing a figure (the special one) may get you being sued.

Starringme said...

yeah gotta get a mirror for my commuter soon! Thanks for commenting!

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