Friday, June 15, 2007

What's the point?

Waiting away from the door before the train arrives serve no purpose if the acts of boarding the train starts once the door opens or before the last alighting person steps out!

Is painting those yellow markings just to show that something is done about the problem, or an act in a process to resolve the problem? I doubt the latter as there seems to be no evaluation and assessment of the problem status and implementation of further improvements.

A simple suggestion. Don't paint the same pattern at every door. When the escalator/stairs/exit is on one side, discourage passengers to stand at that side to block the alighting passengers.


test said...

Actually, I think they should also draw box outside lift, toilet cubicle and MRT entrance at the station control.

Somehow, it seem difficult to convey such message to locals.

Back2Nature said...

The education system tends towards skipping/discarding the basic and fundamentals. Thus, the common base is lost.

So, before one can be encouraged to give way to the alighting passengers, he/she needs to be convinced that to give way is a desirable thing.

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