Monday, June 11, 2007


I prefer Traditional Chinese Medicine because it deals with the body system, rather than the individual problems/symptoms.

I think ecology is an advance study because it has learn that it is important to look at the whole system, rather than the individual species.

There are many systems in the universe. Still, many people choose not to deal with the system, but the individual parts. Human society is a system, human family is a system. Yet, this morning on the radio there was discussion on solving low reproducing rate by facilitating women who don't want marriage to give birth to children. This is RIDICULOUS!

Sudoku is a simple game that illustrate you can't just be concerned with a row, or a column, or the sub-square, but must consider all simultaneously.

Low reporduction rate isn't just about the number of births. There are many factors. Although it is tedious to deal with all of the factors, but dealing with just one and the most obvious factor is not the way too!

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