Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My new toy

My parents use top loading washing machines and I have only few chance to operate it myself. Recently just gotten my first washing machine. After some ad-hoc research, first I decided on LG because on two lists I found online, many LG models were ranked top places in both water and energy efficiencies.

Next, I was a little confused over the model codings. There was a F1422TD on promotion but the Singapore LG website only has WD models. Anyway, by the time I am $-ready to purchase, that promotion was over.

In the meantime ... , I have made altogether over 10 visits to Courts, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store, and did many online readings. Basically, sale persons in such non-specialized stores are not professionals. One Courts staff tried to push me to buy European brands, claiming that all LG's are made in China. However, the Harvey Norman staff (Aaron Soh, who offered to explain the product to me on all my 4-5 visits there) showed me the label in the LG machine stating that it is made in Korea, and taught me we can tell from the nicer LG logo on made in Korea LG machines.

I find that the different sets of wash cycles on different models only confuse me, and so I ignore them. Thus, I narrow down my choice to this one that is on promotion, according to Harvey Norman's pricing: U.P. S$1599, now S$999, and after few hours considering any reason not to get it, I bought it. However, later went to Mega Discount Store and noticed they just changed it from a week ago S$1399 to promote it at U.P. S$1199, now S$1059. Anyway, S$999 is still better :)

Oh, I haven't mentioned it yet. I bought the LG WD14331AD Washer/Dryer.

See update after a year using.


test said...

Good for you, and your wife. I only consider a thing before I buy. $$$.

Back2Nature said...

Many ways to consider $.
Simply by high/low.
By value/$.
By need/$

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