Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My cycling in Singapore experiences - right of way

In many recent discussions about cycling on pavements, I have been leaving comments stressing the pedestrian right of way on pavements. I feel to deny cycling on pavements is impractical. However, it is important that pedestrians are the rightful users. Thus, both cyclists and pedestrians should clearly understand this and practice it.

I suggest cyclists should not overtake pedestrians ... if there is likelihood that they may suddenly act in a way that results in near accident or near collision. However, I am very against the use of bell and similar tools that portray the impression of asking pedestrians to give way. Thus, cyclists on pavement should accept the fate to be blocked by pedestrians.

I suggest pedestrians should not be afraid and act suddenly to give way. I find it dangerous because such sudden actions are likely to cause accidents, e.g. spraining ankles. As a cyclist myself, I am more afraid of pedestrians then I am afraid of cyclists when I am a pedestrian. Cyclists are likely to sustain more injuries, more difficult to maneuver, and no matter what, it is the cyclists at fault legally speaking.

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