Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go Speeding

We know that it is dangerous to speed. In educational materials that tell drivers don’t speed, we don't see a further message that says, if drivers really cannot abstain from speeding, then please wear more protective gears, just in case.

Let suppose someone were to produce a video to curb speeding behaviors.

A catchy title is chosen: “Go Speeding.” 99.9% of the contents are about the potential fatal consequences of speeding such as lost of lives, both one’s own and others’, heart pain of loved ones, permanent injuries, and etc. That is, a very strong and clear message of “don’t speed!”

However, for the sake of some who just couldn’t help but will surely go speeding, the producer also includes “DVD extras” such as how to wear proper and top notch protective gears, do regular checks and maintenance on the vehicle, speed only on familiar roads, and etc.

I doubt any traffic related authority will agree to the inclusion of the above “DVD extras.” It basically tells the audience that you may still go speeding, contradicting the “don’t speed!” message.

I think it is not an issue to most, if not all, that why educational materials for drivers only send the “don’t speed!” message, without, at the same time, also giving advises to some people who just couldn’t help but speed.

Yes, it is also important to know about safety precautions. However, these safety precautions in driving are for normal driving, and should not be used to suggest that speeding is conditionally acceptable. Furthermore, these safety precautions are designed for, and are only quite, but not fully effective to prevent injuries in accidents during normal driving. These are not designed for speeding scenario.

This article is not about traffic safety. This is about a recently DVD entitled "Go Have Sex."

I find it illogical to include the “DVD extras” in the “Go Have Sex” DVD. The “safe sex” message simply contradicts the “no pre-marital sex” message.

Yes, it is also beneficial to know about contraceptive measures. However, these contraceptive measures are for family planning, and should not be used to suggest that pre-marital and extra-marital sex are conditionally acceptable. Furthermore, condoms and the likes are designed for, and are only quite, but not fully effective to prevent pregnancy in normal sexual life, i.e. within marriage. These are not designed for prevention of STDs infections, and pre-marital and extra-marital sexual lifestyles would further reduce their effectiveness.

To all parents and educators, please do not include contradictory contraceptive materials when sending the “no pre-marital sex” message!

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