Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Outside marriage pregnancy

This evening we have some discussions about outside marriage pregnancy. I was pondering on the possibility of making it an illegal or punishable act. Still thinking... the argument could be similar to theft with a difference where the victim is someone to be born. Many acts are considered a crime because it causes harm to others or the society. Pregnancy outside of marriage do cause harm to the society, and people such as the to be born baby (obviously), the future/present husband/wife/children/parents. Could it be because of the common pitiful feelings towards the pregnant woman? Shouldn’t be since we punish those who survived their attempted suicide.

From another angle, deep inside our pure conscience, we know that acts such as stealing, robbery, murder, sex not between husband/wife and etc. are wrong and therefore society should have the proper mechanisms to educate, prevent and punish accordingly.

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