Friday, July 16, 2004


Today heard a description about the horoscope with the most theories. SAGITTARIUS! That's me, and how true. I like to think, rationalize. After living these few decades, looking at myself, I agree with the description of Sagittarius. Now I wonder what are the characteristics of Capricorn, since my birthday is very near the end of Sagittarius.

I do believe there’s a link between character and the day, time of birth, the name, etc., just the way a person’s character is related to his/her upbringing style/environment/etc. However, I don’t think there is any between character and the name of the horoscope, the stars forming the horoscope, the name of the ‘animal’ of the year in Chinese horoscopes, etc.

Similarly, I do believe there’s logic in the concept of ‘fengshui’. However, I would say no one correctly, exactly or fully understand everything about ‘fengshui’.

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