Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Dangerous crossing, but why? (2)

Captured another clip at this long waiting junction between Chancery Lane and Dunearn Road, little left turning cars, but missed the green man light. I suggest extending the green man light for a much longer period since there is no simultaneous right turning cars, and few left turning cars. (24 Oct 2013)

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totobobo said...

Many traffic signal light has been set to inconvenient pedestrian unnecessarily. In the video, pedestrian green is very short relative to the "safe window" to cross. The possible reason is to prioritize left turning cars at such junction so that they don't have to check if there is anyone crossing when they turn. This "don't check while left turn" in itself is not a safe habit to encourage. The underlying reason (relates to LTA KPI) maybe to allow left turning cars to quickly clear the junction so that they don't block the traffic behind, but how much time this can really save? and at what cost? (potential accidents and lost of human life?)

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