Friday, October 25, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - My bicycle was "lost"

Today when I got to the MD11 carpark I was shocked to see my bicycle wasn't there!
I used to park my bicycle in one of the three racks on the left in the photo. There are now four bicycles there, and one on the pipe protecting frame. There is actually another few bicycles in this car park at other pipe protecting frames.

Seems like bicycle commuting is getting more popular, especially recently there are issues on crowded free shuttle bus in NUS and traffic jam along North Buona Vista Road.

Oh, what happened to my bicycle? As I don't lock it to the frame, some of these bicycle users deemed it is alright to move my bicycle to another spot, besides the wall. I don't think this is appropriate, especially with the wheelchair logo on the floor.

Thus, upon returning from my bike to lunch trip, I found this special design bike racks area:

However, this place is semi sheltered. Thus, I still need to seek for a better place. I wonder would the DSO staff car park has bicycle parking facility?

Here is the tour of the car park and a quick hunt for the above parking place. (21 Oct 2013)

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