Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - What is the issue this driver had with me?

This driver had an issue with me but I am not too sure what. (14 Oct 2013)


Unknown said...

The driver arrived at the Junction first. It is only fair to let the driver make the turn first. By squeezing in between the car and the curb while the car is making the turn, you're putting yourself in danger.

Just like how we do not like it when drivers risk our lives by trying to save 10 seconds, Us cyclists should also be patient and wait our turn.

This is the only way we can earn the respect of our fellow road users.

Back2Nature said...

This is a wide opening and it is common for two cars waiting to turn or even turning there together. A car positioned in the middle of the opening will usually be heading onto the middle lane to turn right. Oddly for this driver, his intention was to go straight on the left lane but position the car on the middle of the opening.

Since the car is at the middle of the opening, I am not squeezing as you can see there are wide space for me to turn safely together with him. Rather, if it looks dangerous, it was because he made an odd left turn where his car went into the middle lane, and then swung back on to the left lane.

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