Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Dangerous crossing, but why?

An elderly with a teen pillion rode across this junction when, I guess, red man is on since it was already 40s after red light for my direction. Of course, this is a dangerous act. However, what's the reason?

This is the junction between Chancery Lane and Dunearn Road. Note that this junction stops for 2 minutes before green, but I think only about 30 s for pedestrian crossings. Also note that not too many cars turned into Chancery Lane. Thus, why is it that pedestrians cannot cross for 90 s plus when it is relatively safe to cross, and if missed the 30 s, need to wait for 90 s plus the time until the next green man?

I think the current settings and environment is dangerous as it is inducive for people to take risks. (22 Oct 2013)

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