Friday, October 11, 2013

My Bicycle Commuting - Stuck in the rain and "Waterproofing"

Last night I was stuck in the rain not once but twice on my trip home. Didn't know it was raining until I came up from my basement office. Checked the rain radar map, and somehow think it is better to go east then north. Got into storming rain in Science Park area. Waited for awhile and when rain became light, decided to go north first. I think the decision was right as the rain was quite light all the way until I came out from Commonwealth Dr on to Queensway where it was raining cats and dogs. The rain radar map didn't indicate the area is raining but it was :( Waited for 10 minutes and the rain stopped almost instantly.

Below shows how a plastic bag is used to cover and "waterproof" the front bag with the help of a bamboo clothe peg.

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