Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My cycling in Singapore experiences - barking dogs

This is in reference to the article "Cyclist chased by pack of dogs at Bukit Brown" on June 2, 2013 home section of the Sunday Times.

 I am not a dog lover, and am quite against keeping pets. I just find the article too bias against dogs, and will very likely lead to the deaths of these innocent dogs. The road mentioned is a dead end road which most will not ride into. I rode that route accidentally one Sunday evening last Oct, and was also barked at by the dogs, who came crowded around me, but that's all. Nothing much to worry about.

I am also not an expert in dealing with stray dogs, but from my experiences with dogs while cycling, including those huge ones in industrial areas, and such "stray" or I prefer natural dogs in the wild, I would like to share what I understand.

Basically, I think dogs will bark at intruders, especially those that they detected only at close distance, and their intention is to make a stand telling the intruders that the place is their territory. Thus, this is what I do, and would advise others:
a) Don't ride silently in dogs areas. Have some music on speakers so that dogs will not be shocked by you, are more prepared to expect something approaching them, and have more time to access what is approaching.
b) When barked at, don't assume they are going to attack. Just continue at same or slower speed.
c) If approached, I think their intention is just to sniff your smell.
d) Soon, you will be further away from them and they will go back to their life.

The above is my amateur understandings and methods which have worked for me couple of times.. Please do check with dogs or wild life experts on dealing with them.

I hope the peaceful life of these dogs and the residents there will not be terminated by the above news article.

But too late.. heard that the AVA people had already been to Bukit Brown :(

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