Monday, September 10, 2007

The world is getting smaller

As technology advances, the world is getting smaller. Very cheap internet phone card is an example. However, there is some lacking in some other calling cards that I have used before. For example, I need to figure out the cheaper ones from many. Then I need to be aware of the hidden and different ways of rate computations. I guess for many people, they just have to suffer some additional expenses by avoiding all these brain cells killing process :(

Nonetheless, have hope now:

Take note of this: Pingo gives US$5 just for signing up.

And lucky you! Just because you are my reader, you are offered another $3 discount!!

This is how: Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo.

Therefore, receive $25 phone card for just $17, i.e. you will get $8 in FREE Calls!

What else?

Pingo is global: over 1.1 billion International phone card minutes a month.

Pingo has NO hidden fees, NO surprises.

Calling cards are virtual.

Rates are amazing low: Oh wait... almost every business says theirs the cheapest. Here, they explain how and why: Pingo’s RateWatcher™ saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offers to see if you're getting really low phone card rate.

What's more?

It is not only for individuals. They have Business & Family Plan. What I like best is the easy billing and management with amazing bundled savings they offer.

There is also their refer-a friend affiliate program.

To find out more reasons to use Pingo's prepaid calling cards, check out at Why Pingo?

This Post Sponsored by Pingo.

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