Friday, September 7, 2007

When they love to learn, they'll learn.

I like this phrase: When they love to learn, they'll learn. I found it at the SCORE! Educational Centers website that have Innovative Tutoring programs.

I had been a tutor for many years since my high school time. After a bad experience tutoring lower secondary levels (age 13-14), I only choose higher level students. Teaching and tutoring is easy, when students want to learn.

I wasn't good in motivating students, which I thought it is the parents' responsibility. However, most parents do not know how to do that. Making things worse, sometimes teachers and classroom environment de-motivate students from learning.

In a couple of months, I will be a father. Then, in a couple of years, children education will be my major concern as a father rather than as a tutor. I will surely be very interested to what SCORE! is offering. As my blog title put it, back2nature. Children naturally loves to play and have fun, and in doing so, they learn. Thus, the play and fun elements are fundamentally necessary in good education systems.

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