Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Computer computes

I always feel that a very basic advantage brought by the use of computers is under utilized. Computers do calculations well, and they can easily do complicated conditional computations. Here, it was only after months of motorists slowing down and waiting before ERP gantries then the system of gradual increase and decrease of ERP charges was implemented.

I like this approach, the 15by2015 ... 15by2015 - A Campaign to Strengthen Primary Healthcare Around the World. Most administration procedures seem to remain in the pre-computer era where rules are clear and simple. Follow the link to read how a patient has to pay 7 days of hospital stay because he was fortunately not having HIV, because AIDS/HIV related donations will pay for him if he were HIV positive. This is quite typical in many administrative procedures.

I hope the number 15% is just a guideline, while it can be 17.98% or any more optimal figures since computer does not require a nice number in order to do the calculations correctly.

Furthermore, I suggest a minimum portion of such donations be used for education and prevention.

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