Monday, March 10, 2008

Miscommunication with N80

Before entering my camp for a medical appointment, I thought I better PIN lock my phone, which will be away for me while I'm in the camp. However, due to some mis-communications with it, I have entered wrongly the PIN three times, and still not clealy knowing the consequence, I entered wrong codes for the PUK another few times. Luckily I stopped trying before it was too late ... . According to the person, if wrong PUK for more than 5 times will require a physical change of the SIM card.

Later, from a kind mobile phone shop in Toa Payoh Centre, I learned that I need to call up my line provider for the PUK code. Rightfully, I am able to do so using the wifi/VoIP phone capability through Truphone. However, it is not possible for the 4-digit number, while I couldn't remember the 8-digit version of the number. In the end, I got home and make the call from home.

Yet, for some special reason, that wasn't successful. Then I thought of trying to do it online, which succeeded in unlocking my SIM/phone. Sigh, if I had done so using wifi on my N80, I don't need to go through all these hassles.

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