Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Rights

Read an article about TNT babies, which are babies born from Filipino moms who are not allowed to get pregnant. I always do not like the arrangement of foreign maid. What happen to their families, or even their life?

When we are tired of sweeping the floor, we can get a vacuum machine to ease the job. When we are tired of hand washing clothes, we can get a washing machine to ease the job. When we are tired of washing dishes, we can get a dish washer machine to ease the job. But, ... maids are not machines.

When we need help in caring for kids, we get nanny to helpout. However, it is OK if the nanny is part time. May be the kids go to the family of the nanny, which is OK for the nanny, though not so OK for the kids. May be, the nanny comes over but go home daily. But, foreign maids can't go home daily, some not even able to afford to do so yearly.

When will the world, and societies realize clearly the importance of Family Rights? We have Human Rights for many decades. Some "Human Rights", or I call them individual rights, are destroying Family Rights. Put it technically, when will more decisions be make in alignment to system thinking.

Everyone should have come from a family, and shall have the goal of setting up his own family. Having a foreign maid to sacrifice her family life for years so that my family life can be easier is quite terrible, I think. Some may think this is a win-win arrangment, but I say this is like only looking at revenues, but not all expenses. Or, I think such is a terrible "win-win" arrangment, while better ways must exist for a better win-win.

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