Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Priority ~= urgent but =/= correct

I found this earlier report while trying to, but haven't succeeded yet, locate a similar and more recent one done in Singapore. Below is one particular set of key finding and my comments (in italics) on them.

World Vision’s Global AIDS Attitudes Survey

Key Finding – Policy Preferences

... • Children are the top priority for action.
–Publics everywhere are most likely to support programs that help children affected by HIV and AIDS, including children who are orphaned by AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses.

If getting HIV/AIDS is like getting a death penalty, at least the person has enjoyed some of his life. However, for children born with HIV in them, it is like getting a death penalty even before they have life!

• There are marked differences across countries in support for programs aimed at discouraging sexual promiscuity, the widespread use and availability of condoms, and increased availability of clean needles for people who need them.

This suggests different countries have different situations and priorities.

–Programs to discourage sexual promiscuity are a high priority for 39% of adults in the seven countries.

Majority didn't put them as top priority probably because this is something difficult to achieve, and may be sensitive due to "human rights" issues. However, this doesn't mean that it won't work, rather, I think this is the long term solution while the rest aren't solution, but just fighting fire.

–Americans are polarized on all three of these potential measures. One-fifth of the population feels that each should be a low priority or not a priority at in the fight to stop the spread of HIV.

US is a very multi-racial, multi-religious, and therefore, multi-opinions country.

• Raising taxes elicits a strong push back: 41% disagree (with 23%strongly disagreeing) that they would be willing to pay more fortheir government to fund HIV and AIDS-prevention, treatment, research and care programs globally.

Surely, if the rightful approach to discourage sexual promiscuity is a "human rights" issue, then the wrongful burdening of such problems on the innocent majority should be rejected.

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