Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two months experience in "using" the Aductions platform

Aductions has grown since my first review on it. There are more messages in the forum, a couple more reviews done up by bloggers, and two new features, namely "The Lowest Effective CPM Watchlist", and "The Automated Media Planning and Buying Tool".

However, these new features are mainly for advertisers, which I am not. May be, I'll buy some ad spaces next month to experience first hand these Aductions' features.

In terms of using it as a publisher ... How did I find their services? , I didn't really need to use it after I put up my ad spaces. The rest are quite automated. Yes, I login more than necessary to look at how my earnings is increasing, and check out who else are putting up their ad spaces. Basically, there isn't much "work" I need to perform when using Aductions.

I just checked that my ad spaces that have been sold in their platform have been fully materialized. That is to say, my gross balance is now equal to my available funds for withdrawal.

Oh, I almost forget! I did use the Withdraw Funds interface this month for the prize money of US$25 I won in the January Review Competition. It was easy and smooth. I just keyed in the amount, followed a few simple and standard instructions, and very soon after that I saw the money in my PayPal balance :) However, I'm a bit sad that they charge a fee for the payment.

Another thing worth mentioning is their responsiveness. They replied promptly to my questions through emails. Also, as you might have noticed, they left comments about my first review on them.

Nevertheless, I have to be frank that I do feel the progress is slower than my expectation. I am looking forward to my 3rd month with Aductions in getting more sales of my ad spaces, and also hopefully seeing more trades happening on their platform.

Finally, may I put my link here in case any interested readers would like to let me earning some credits by joining Aductions through me :)

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