Monday, February 11, 2008

The first time I have won a contest!

I submitted my post, Ad + Auctions = Aductions, to the January 2008 Review Competition by the new advertisement space marketplace, Aductions. That was 30th January, and mine is the only entry. The forum is so quiet. There must be many like me wondering has Aductions died? ... Has it?

I am glad to tell you that they are alive and kicking! As promised, they announced the winner here. Yes, that's me! I am Winner # 10! Although I am not the first, I am still the first because, afaik, this contest has only one contestant :)

That probably explain my prize:
Since you have read this, don't be shy, go and participate in this contest and win while the winning chance is very high right now!


Anonymous said...

opss.i did not know that. Congrats for you..I did a review because they ask me for. I attached with them for a numbers of day. So far so good for me.

Help them to bring out more advertisers as they will compensate for the sale..

Back2Nature said...

Thanks for coming over to my blog. I knew about Aductions not more than a month. So far its performance is better than Adsense for this low traffic blog :)

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