Saturday, February 23, 2008

One handed Judo

I attended the talk, "HINDUISM REDISCOVERED: A Religion in Vogue" by Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary, CEO, Vygon India last night.

It was interesting during the Q&A session, where he shared his wisdom in answering the questions. I would like to share some of them here.

Wisdoms from a talk by Vivekacharya Pavan Choudary -- Part 1
(He mentioned Karatae instead.)

I've heard this story before. It is about a handicapped person without an arm learning Judo from his master. The master asks him to master only one technique. Although he doesn't really understand why is it so, he eventually master this technique almost perfectly. During a competition, everyone was surprised to see all his opponents lost to him one after another. ... Why did he win? Later, the master explained the reason. The technique he mastered is not a foolproof one, but there is only one way to counter it, which is to grab on to his arm that he doesn't have.

The speaker was emphasizing the importance to find the right adviser. The right adviser will understand your strengths and weaknesses and give advices that will optimize your achievements.

Making best use of one's strengths is usually more obvious than dealing with weaknesses. Another sentence he made was "When people throw stones at you, build a castle." I think this is similar to what I perceived from his new book title, "When You are Sinking Become A Submarine: Winning Through Wisdom & Creativity". When one is a hand less than others, or under attack, or in an undesirable state, how to recognize advantages and opportunities is even more important and beneficial.

Part 2

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