Saturday, February 2, 2008

Unless your identity is worth much more than $1M

Identity theft is not new. In a 1 Feb 2008 article on Herald-Mail, Identity theft puts ugly face on your good name:
"According to the FBI, more than 10 million people in the U.S. experienced identity theft in 2005" and "The Federal Trade Commission reports that 54 percent of the victims of identity theft uncover the theft while monitoring their own accounts. Twenty-six percent are alerted by companies they previously have done business with, and 8 percent learned of the theft when they applied for credit and were refused."

I just learned much about it from LifeLock's, that guarantee your good name. Before reading more in this blog about it, you might want to sign up first using LifeLock promotion codes to get yourself protected first!

OK, most people would like to consider how to DIY first. The above article mentioned a few ways of reducing the risk of identity theft, such as memorize your Social Security number, add a photo ID to credit and debit cards, remove personal information and identification from a purse or pockets in clothing before donating them to second-hand shops, and such. Note that these can only reduce, not eliminate.

So, what do you think? For me, I doubt I am able to do all those tasks, just to reduce the risk. If you think likewise, can stop reading now and check out LifeLock promo code!

Have you returned after clicking on the above link? Or you still don't feel like utilizing the LifeLock Code for them to guarantee your good name at a discount? They are offering 30 days free and $21 saving a year! Mind you, $21 is actually quite a high percentage discount.

Still haven't visited their site? OK, let me state the best feature: their guarantee is up to One Million Dollars! Thus, unless your identity is worth much more than that (which I am delighted to have someone like you reading my humble blog), you should seriously consider subscribing to their service. I will have to check out their plans of going international.

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