Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do we need to see a tumor to recognize danger?

Just minutes after reading an advertisment on getting mobile line for your child, I open up a scientific article "Study links heavy cell phone use to cancer". What a coincident! ...

When I first started using mobile phone, I consciously keep my phone away from kids, whomever kids. However, as I notice more and more parents letting their children play games on their phones, I have not been so cautious on this. Nevertheless, I always put my phone away from me whenever possible.

Just about a month ago, my colleague besides me highlighted to me a scientist, who were hired by the phone companies to prove the safety of mobile phone, has actually proven otherwise, or failed repeatedly to find supporting evidence years ago, but only recently managed to get funding to further the research in the opposite objective than the earlier study. Also, the colleague has since started putting callers on hold while attaching the hands free gadget.

Although there are studies showing no significant relations between tumors and mobile phone usage, the above article's author only suggests that "Chil­dren may be more sus­cep­ti­ble," and a single study is usually insufficient to draw good conclusion, it is still better to act safely than to subject to risks unnecessarily.

I wonder, does it help to use VoIP phones, or using applications such as Fring through wifi enabled phones such as my Nokia N80? I think so as the signal strength should be much lesser since wifi range is smaller than GSM.

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