Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Even the devil can cite Scripture

Shakespeare said it this way: "Even the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."

I think it happens in this research: A function for "gay genes" after all?

Just because gay men do not have their own family to take care of, and therefore ... are available to offer more time and care for their nieces/nephews, the researchers suggested this as an evolutionary support for gay way of life.

Rather than suggesting an obvious common sense that children with more adults who, regardless of sexuality, are available to take care of them are better than those with only their own parents, the researchers seem to have preset what their conclusion should be and designed a limited research for their purpose.

Furthermore, this is done with the knowledge of many other similar failed research attempts to make such conclusion in modern societies. Instead, they argue, or rather blame and accuse that, it is due to "an­ti-gay bi­ases", gay men couldn't do the same as in the selected "relatively un-westernized land", Samoa. By the same logic, I say it is because the modern societies lack "tra­di­tion­al, tribally-based cul­tures, that of­ten have tighter-knit fam­i­lies," such that little support for adults, regardless of sexuality, to take care of their nieces/nephews.

It is not "anti-gay biases," but "family and marriage unfriendliness" in modern societies that we should focus on!

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