Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another not so lucky day

Early morning I found my bicycle kick stand was vandalized. On closer examination, it seems like an attempt to steal it had failed and the thief angrily tried to damage it. Luckily, quite easily I bent it back to a usable state.

Needed to buy two items this morning, vegetable and bread. Went over to the cheaper market ... (the Lorong 4 Toa Payoh market), but couldn't recall or find any shop that sells bread. Thus, I went to another market (the Lorong 7 market), passing by my place to get the bread.

It is a groceries shop, and time was already after 8.30 a.m., for an $1.40 item that I was paying using a $2 note, the person lazily not willing to thoroughly search for coins before telling me he didn't have no change. Luckily, within seconds he miraculously found 3 x 20-cents coins for the change. I wonder was it because I looked fierce at that instance as I felt like he was showing the attitude that I was giving him trouble by not having 40 cents coins.

On my way back from outside in the afternoon, as usual, people standing just outside the MRT door and started trying to squeeze in before passengers inside have come out. Normally I will just walk straight out knocking on whoever in my way out of the door. Today, I thought may be it would be nice to say a word of warning. I said "siam!", which means give way in Hokkien. Sadly, the two men who was blocking my way seems to be mainland Chinese, who probably don't know Hokkien well. Thus, there was a light shoulder knock after I gave the warning.

However, the second time I needed to come out of the train, the person blocking me is handicapped. Luckily, I realized it soon enough and gave way to him. Shockingly, the man behind him shouted and scolded me. I was too slow to explain or argue back before the door closes. I felt I was being wrongly accused. Firstly, I couldn't have known the person is handicapped from inside the train. Secondly, I gave way. Thirdly, even for handicapped person, I think they still should give way to alighting passengers.

Anyway, I thought I heard he used the phrase "geenna" (kids in Hokkien). I wonder may be it wasn't directed at me. Otherwise, I'll take it as a compliment that I look young :)

Later in the evening, when taking the lift down from level 10 with my baby and wife, the lift stopped at level 5 then 4. At level 5 a couple entered, and at level 4, two men entered. Noticing one of the men holding a lighted cigarette, and with some anger in me from my not so lucky day, I spoke the words "hello, no smoking hor." The poor guy just inhaled a breath of smoke when I said those words, and obediently hold it without puffing it out till level 1. Then my wife asked me, "didn't you notice their tattoo?" Luckily I wasn't beaten up, and I guess they are reasonable people with tattoos :)

Update: This morning (11 Feb) I found the rear passenger seat of my bicycle missing! It probably had been stolen yesterday. Actually, leaving my bicycle outside, I'm all ready for parts to go missing. However, I'm angry that the thief/thieves don't understand bicycle well. After removing the rear seat, they do not need to take away all my nuts for securing the saddle and the rear wheel! Whatever bicycle they would want to attach the stollen seat to will have those stuffs! Luckily, I noticed that before riding on it, and probably would end up injuring myself.

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