Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ad + Auctions = Aductions

What is Aductions? According to their words, it is
i) the Search n Trade Ad Platform;
ii) a patent pending, Advertising Platform that connects advertisers to publishers through a search engine;
iii) a search engine that helps advertisers find the best ad spaces;
iv) a transparent ad platform that promotes publishers;
v) an online trading platform where advertising inventory can be traded freely.

Although none of the above mention the word auction, but the name Aductions seem to suggest it has something to do with auction, unless it was intersection of Ad + Abduction instead. Although all of the above goals are good, it kind of leaves me a little unclear about what fundamentally are they trying to achieve. May be that's not important, as long as they can generate value for advertisers, publishers, and not forgetting the traders.

Then, what advantages it offers to the advertisers, publishers, and traders?

For the advertisers, you can check out the statistics of the ad space before committing your money. I believe they will come up with new strategies and ways to let advertisers feel secure to buy ad space through Aductions.

For the established publishers, its transparency provides a better way to valuate your ad space. Of course you can always show case your statistics, but wouldn't it be better that this be done by a 3rd party?

For publishers like me who don't have good statistics, this transparency would probably work against us since advertisers can filter us out. However, as a whole, I have to support such transparency for the good of the online advertising industry.

For the traders, you have a new market to explore. However, you might have to wait as this market is so new that its chance of survival is still unknown. While writing this, I realize the value of traders. I think you are the ones who make the pricing fair. For example, if you find my selling price too low, you would buy it and resell it at a higher price to advertisers, and these activities determine the fair market price.

Lastly, its payment is the fastest I have come across. From the usual minimum US$100 or monthly such as AdSense, to S$11 such as EmailCashPro, to fortnightly such as SponsoredReviews, to weekly such as Smorty, this one is at any time with minimum amount more than US$1.00! I really hope this arrangement is sustainable.

Let me end with a note tht I am surprise to learned that I have earned 1 cents. I know, that's a very very very small amount. Still, it is greater than zero :D


Unknown said...

Hello Back to Nature,

Thanks for the review. Regarding your statement of accounts only showing 1 cent, we think the reason is because your blog has a relatively low unique visitor rate. You also priced your inventory at 10 cents Per 100 Unique Visitors. This means you need 100 unique views to make 10 cents. If u wish, you can either increase the asking price of the existing ad space or create another ad space and price it at a relatively higher CPM

Aductions Inc

Back2Nature said...

Thanks people!
You have misunderstood me. I was surprise that it is not a zero, but ONE! I should have added that with Adsense, it has been zero for months before I see a breakthrough. That's why I am surprise :)
To other readers, may I state that this review has won me some $$$ in the January 08 Review Competition by Aductions. Read more about it here.

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