Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not just another online shop

First of all, it is not an online shop because it doesn't directly sell the products listed on it. It provides price compare services, and listing the cheapest price they know.

There are sites that claim to do so but only have a limited number and categories of products listed. Here, I think it has good coverage. For example, as I was looking for a magnifier for my Nokia N80, I searched for the word magnifier, and it found 77 products in 30 categories.

Next, does it the best price? I didn't do a thorough review, but only a simple check on one of the magnifier, Rectangular Illuminated Magnifier, whose listed price here is £4.99. Then, I did a search in eBay and find the similar item at US$15.95. Thus, at today's rate of US$1.95289 = £1, £4.99 = US$9.7449211 is the cheaper price.

Among the many features, I like these two, which I think are uncommon. There is an option for you to search only those "shops you know" which refers to the very established and well known shops. This is useful for careful people who would prefer to buy from known shops. You are allowed to specify your budget range.

Anyway, I didn't get the magnifier because it is still above my budget at the moment.

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