Saturday, January 12, 2008

When MRT truly means MASS Rapid Transit

Many things that we take for granted were not around in recent history. I learned from a documentary some months ago that the concept and system of stocks and shares was invented only about 4 hundred odd years ago. Being creative, the human race has kept inventing new alternatives to existing practices.

Transportation has been a headache in many cities. The massiness [sic] of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), a main public transportation in Singapore, is increasing and approaching that in places like Japan and Hong Kong. At the same time, owning a car here is very costly. I believe quite similar situation in the UK too: being over-massed.

An alternative in the UK is car leasing, where you can lease a brand new car and dealers listed on BuyYourCar have agree to deliver it right to your front door, free of charge.

How much? I did a search at their site and found £80/month + VAT is among the cheapest rate for a Chevrolet Matiz Hatchback 1.0 SE+ 5dr, contract hire term for 24 Months and annual Mileage of 10000 miles.

That should be about S$300/month. Compare this to a daily MRT fare of roughly S$2/trip x 2 trips/day = S$4/day = S$100/month for a person, and may be roughly 2.5 x S$100 = S$250/month for a family. I would say it is quite comparable. We can consider the additional cost if any, buy us the additional comfort in having a private car.

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